Is there like a sticky guide or just a Veeky Forums guide to cryptos anywhere?

is there like a sticky guide or just a Veeky Forums guide to cryptos anywhere?

>is there like a sticky guide or just a Veeky Forums guide to cryptos anywhere?

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Stinky guide

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whats the best crypto wallet?

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whats the best crypto wallet?


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atleast they will give me a second opinion without sperging out for invading their secret club with questions about a public currency

should i use coinbase

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what are your thoughts on coinbase

what are your thoughts on the sharpie in pooper proposition?

what wallet do you use?

Before you can use a wallet, you have to purchase and install a blockchain on your computer.

Make sure to get a VPN for to to run the blockchain through or else you risk an a pajeet sending your coins to their wallet instead of your own.

here is the guide from the guide of guides

BUY HIGH and SELL LOW, that is the true way of Veeky Forums, and then you post pink wojaks conjoined with any transcript of what screaming sounds to you or edgy lyrics

Yes, that is very true. Also, if the blockchain ever locks in the price of your coin, you can restart it and reset the price usually.
I recommend the OP go to Target and purchase a blockchain; saw some selling for $29.95 the other day.

Just use any wallet with a price locking feature and you'll be set

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These are not jokes.
If you attempt to log into coinbase without an updated blockchain, you're going to have some issues. If you don't believe me, go ahead and open a ticket at and ask what the best way to update your blockchain is so you can use their service.

No, because we're all competing against each other.

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Alright so here's the deal. There's just 0 incentive to give anybody any information except to shill or fud specific coins (although pragmatically speaking it's insanely unlikely that shilling/fudding coins has any sort of meaningful effect.). On top of that you're on Veeky Forums which has always had a "fuck you figure it out yourself while lurking" stance on basically every subject.

It's why DYOR research is such a meme. Because it's exactly right as far as advice but it's entirely useless to somebody that doesn't know how to do their own research already.

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do research and don't make emotionally based decisions (where 80% of people fail), that's all you need to know. also don't buy into crypto yet, wait till btc hits like 3k again

This. Put in time newfags, learn board culture or fuck off back to plebbit is a good resource try that, pardon all the high strung fuckers in this thread m8, good luck !

many trxs go fast annoucement soon thank me

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