CoinSpot Referal

G'day cunts, looking to trade a bit of crypto?
Deposit in AUD, around 100 coins available.
1% fee trading between coins.

Sign up using:

Means that the greedy cunt who made the website has to give me 25% of the fees that you pay.

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Very slick UI too

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Use coinjar and binance.

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1% lol fuck off. I'll stick to btcmarkets. Also instant verification. I'm not taking a fucking photo.

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A few of my mates use BTCmarkets, they all moved after deciding they wanted more than 10 markets.

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Huh? Btcmarkets is just a fiat gateway. You should be using binance or any other exchange for buying altcoins. If you use coinspot for altcoins you're just getting cucked with higher prices and ridiculous fees. Sounds like your mates are dumb cunts like you.

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The same Binance that isn't even licensed to operate?

I'll pay the marginally higher fees on CoinSpot who's backed by ADCA and AUSTRAC.

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>1% fee
I'm enjoying my 0.15% on btcmarkets thanks, faggot OP.

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I bet that's really helpful with your successful day trading. Has BTCmarkets got Ethereum yet?

yeah get fucked cunt is better than shitty coinspot.

6 coins on BTCmarkets

except that fucking ripple fiasco

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Fuckin CoinCuck with their pox fees and shit coins that have already mooned. Kek

yeah... so send some ETH to your binance account and trade for shitcoins you mong.

what ripple fiasco? I bought ripple there and made mad gainz.

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Fuck that shit. Coinspot can toss my salad after a hard days labour. Just moved all my shit off there. Had to trade it all for xlm to transfer.

That massive faggot wanted 10 eng just to send, $80 to send? Get fucked. And that's just one example. If i wanted to get raped by fees, I'd buy btc.


>tfw never use referrals because I'd rather the exchange get more money than these sub human begfags that shit up the board

I can understand fucking Simpson to some extent, but why his donkey too?

Is coinspot actually good? I just started getting into crypto and I started with 40$. If I want to get more serious should I move to another site? I'm australian if that helps.

no, its shit.
imho open up all the accounts you can while the registrations are still open (then you will have the most coins available to you)

open up accounts on binance and kucoin atleast

alright. Will do. Is there another site you can recommend? thanks.

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btcmarkets and independent reserve, don't go anywhere else. Use independent first.

thanks heaps.

btcmarket is good (its where I put my fiat in via bpay) but then I transfer most of it to other exchanges (usualy buy ETC)

Can you guys tell me why coinspot is bad? I'm a real newbie but I've been researching as much as I can in the past few days.


As long as I get to choose the end before the donkey does

How are the fees compared to "btcmarkets" and "independent reserve"?

BTCmarkets is roughly 0.8% trade fee, Coinspot is 1%.
I chose Coinspot for access to 10x as many coins.

Cs also has a 1-5% spread on buys and sells, and a +3% fee for back to aud. not ideal at all if you want to do anything other than literally buy and hold till it moons.

not a platform for trading at all unless you are up by more than 15% and don't mind loosing a third of it when you trade to another coin.

So coinspot isn't so bad in the long run? especially if I hodl?

yep. I was on there for a year or so. ended up 10x what i had there, but looking back it could have been 15x if i were on bittrex or binance for example.

just remember, if you get the itch to trade regularly move it to a real exchange.

thanks heaps. Will do.

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That's not really true, the highest spread is 1%.
Highest coin trade fee is also 1%.

Only honest part of your comment is that converting to AUD is a 3% fee. The rest of it is nonsense.

Bullshit. 2nd from the bottom of your pic 203.84 -199.49 is not 1%. that would be 201.8 Learn to math.

the spread does have a wider divergence than even that at times.

also the transfer fees when moving to another wallet or exchange are criminal.