I found a coin that's

I found a coin that's
>-50% from pre-ico because of the crash
>-75% from ico
(literal ground floor)
>has 20% profit dividends + already has a working product
>below 5 million market cap
>very very active devs
> claim the coin will be in the press soon
>an asain exchange listing in progress

trips and I will reveal the coin

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Does it start with E?


nope, there no E in the ticker either



fug ur mum



Fun fact im buying most of the orderbook right now so it will be in the gainer list in the next hour probably

this pretty much describes Authorship, only difference is that authorship isn't that far below ICO price

You bastard how could you do this to us


keep it to yourself

authorship isn't ground floor

>pump it

Ah nevermind, yeah it starts with N
Good luck with that


no it does not
Nimfamoney is NOT ground floor

Muh trips


No but nitrox is
It pays dividends and it's way below ico price



OK, shill me.

It's shitcoin


thanks for the heads up user I will tell you the first letter of the ticker in 10 minutes (waiting for my transactions to go through)

Lay it on me

Nah I don't care

order book is literally about to be emptied, im sorry for making this thread anons,


I know which is it

gib secrets

Not impressed and the volume is very low so you gotta have a hard time selling

good luck anons, hope somebody starts selling soon

I found a faggot

the volume is actually picking up, the reason volume is so low is because its SO low below the ICO price

wish I saw this earlier desu

Yeah as I said it's garbage and only on a pajeet exchange
Easy x10s: ArbitrageCT and Numuscash
See ya

Rock n roll

thank you for your extra drops user

here's the 64 page white paper by the way

all the uncirculating tokens are either going to be burned (unsold tokens) or are in escrow for 1 year (can be verified by smart contract)

hope you can find some sellers soon anons

What is it's main differentiator? How is this coin special user?

>coin falls belows ICO price
>Veeky Forums thinks this is good
Enjoy holding your mint/pnd/pop coin

find me a blockchain that does global job postings user AND has a functional product with an easy to find domain name

REQ, LINK, ODN, LAT etc all went below ICO price and did a 2x-10x within a month

when its below ICO and the company is fundamentally sound that means you are on ground floor

I respect the hustle, it's a shit market and another shit product will fit right in

Why the fuck does this need a blockchain lmao

They see me rollin

lmao somebody bought the entire orderbook of Arbitrage CT too

Fundraising + so people around the world could get dividends
they already have profit rolling in, I think it will do well in the niche

literally no competetors in crypto

also read the whitepaper

user, you didn't really made an effort for hiding the coin from us, in fact, when you started seeing most people didn't gave a fuck, you exposed the coin yourself.
user, you may be a really good fella, or someone stuck with some bags on, as you said, an empty orderbook.

because I got done buying, so I just exposed it

they have four websites like this

already raking in profit, im just happy I got in

its rialto?


ignore this

i haven't actually got any yet

ill shill it soon

Delete this thread so I can accumulate too

Is be careful, reading lots of FUD on their subplebbit about the team falling apart.



Gib name

Lol, literally white washing they're pajeet CEO

who invests in THIS shit? no use for the blockchain or a token, no one uses their shitportal, devteam consists of two 40y+ losers who ran out of funds and tried to get some liquidity with their shit ico

/tx/ board when


>no one uses their shitportal
kek, they have a literal revenue stream with actual postings on all 4 websites

what more do you want

Is it a silent killer user

This is too fucking good

you do realize that having a website alone does not automatically generate revenue? Their whole "enterprise" (IT Consulting of the headcompany and the jobplatform itself) literally manages to keep 2 people afloat.

I can shit out a random jobplatform or an affiliate price-searchengine too, doesnt mean I am making with that.


>a start up isn't massively profitable out the gate
color me surprised

also people pay to post on the job portal, therefore listings = revenue

did you even bother to do the slighest amount of research? This shit company has been around for YEARS. The ICO was not to fund the platform, that has been there all the time, it was simply to generate a useless token in a field where using a blockchain doesnt even make any sense because THEY NEVER MADE ANY MONEY WITH THEIR SHIT WEBSITES AND RAN OUT OF LIQUIDITY

It seems you have not done reasearch
>2 people use a website as a hobby
>decide to do an ICO to do it as a main job
>revenue has grown 500% in the last year alone
gee boy I am dumb to get in ground floor on a token that offers 20% dividends on a growing product

also its not just 2 people, set up your FUD

you can buy these bags all you want and sit on them forever if its up to me, just dont drag uninformed bizbros into a shitproject that has been a shitproject forever with no chances of ever succeeding

>500% revenue increase in a year
>will be a shitproject forever with no chance of ever succeeding

>blockchain that does global job postings

Well that's utterly fucking pointless.

I really like that Anna girl. Maybe I can take her out to dinner with my BTC I invested in jobcoin lol

rofl this is not their permanent team you absolute retard. Again: did you even bother to do the slightest amount of research?

Here you have their webdesigner Anna:

Yep, she's from fucking MOSCOW. Its a freelancer they hired for a one-time job cheap because their 2man-pajeet-team can't even afford an inhouse designer. The only reason she's even listed on this website as part of the team is to give the impression its more than the "CEO" pajeet and his 45y old bud to lure in guys like you


why are you fudding if you can't even understand what temps are widely used in the world

why would they need a fulltime web designer?

LOL they have no devs