Dis shit has already mooned 200% in its first day on an exchange

Better get in quick, this turtle ain't stopping

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Yeah on a shit exchange nobodys even heard of.

I fucking bought in at 1 sat it feels so good

this thing literally has no where to go but up. Easiest 100x in crypto right now

>200% of 0 is 0

Hodling strong since 0 sat

>mfw hodling 5M trtl

lol the volume on here is like 600 dollars. god damn pajeet coin scammers!

Just buy it and send it to your wallet?? takes like 10 minutes

>tfw 22MM
I'm not going to sell untill $.10 which doesn't look that far away now.


>1 sat floor
well you're not wrong

Ya I like turtle but I wouldn't trust that exchange. Wait until it gets on a bigger one. Might be 5-7 sat by then but safer for sure.

We are the TRTL Marines, and we are NOT SELLING!!

lol there's one buy order at 1 sat and none of you
are willing to sell at anything under 2

Most legit logo ever I'm all in


op, is it your exchange?

Did the exchange just die?

TRTL & PAC make up 100% of my portfolio. God I can't wait to be rich.

How many of these fuckers can you mine per day? Is it CPU, or GPU? I have an old I5 2500k machine with a 7950 in it and a 8150 with dual 7990's that are just sitting here collecting dust

My mining program keeps saying that Stratum can't connect and it hasn't been able to mine. Is this just me? What do I need to fix? I've been mining just fine these past few days. But an hour or so ago, it hasn't been able to connect.

its just you, probably have the pool address wrong in the config. try again by deleting the config.txt and going through it again. if you still have trouble you can ask in the discord.

~2000h/s according to monerobenchmarks.info
264047.69 TRTL / day according to turtlepool.space

There’s a pool that’s down right now. The .fun one. The radical delta one goes down a lot too

i mine just under 200,000 a day and i have 900-1000 h/s. radeon 390x

well that was the easiest money i've ever made

nobody gonna buy your stupid turtle coin.
this is SHIT territory

thats what they said about ETH and now im rich and you are poor. it took me 1 day to mine 3 million of these babies and if it even hits one cent itd be well worth my time.suck my cock


This guy gets it

People buy worse every day.

funny that;'s the motto since the mobius chain is going to be 10x faster than any PoW privacy coin period.

and what kind of mcap would you need for that?
SHIT is 5.417b, just needing a 54m mcap for 1 cent to shit on your lame ass turtle.

Exchanges should know when to increase their decimal places
Not much point only being able to place an order every satoshi when that's the whole price of the coin
Surely it can't be hard to just adjust the decimal places in the software.
For withdrawals sure it has to be rounded to the nearest sat.
But for making the trades, what's wrong with an extra three or four decimal places?
Or if they coded themselves into a corner with fixed size database fields or something, have the base unit be microbitcoin (bits) or sats.

>caring about marketcap

>tfw I've been mining this shit for days already
If this hits even a few cents I'll have a lot of money. Feels good man.

Worst coin ever, SELL SELL SELL, dump on that 1 sat buy wall, those retards buying at 2 sats just bought ATH hahahahaha

ALERT, TRTL is down 50% from ATH, DUMP ON THAT 1 SAT BUY WALL, AHHH or some shit

Load up on turtle boys

feel good coin of 2018

this reminds me of the very early days of btc when none of us gave a shit and were just having fun

Comfy community. Get in the discord already.


Not selling till 2019.06.02

I had a million month back when it was 1 sat. That shit is like

>no where to go but up.
Technically it could go ... Away

The comfiest coin. I can't wait turtill we all make it.

I know feels good

Thats the point why it is cheap right now, wait for binance to be safe, but at that time price would go 10x

hell yea 10 sats, we on a mission to the shore


fuck i transfered ltc but there's no one buying

it's a relatively small site and i think turtlecoin is the most popular on it, so it might take a while

Where can I buy?

Is this legit? PoS currency with privacy, but I don't wanna get pajeeted..

read it exchange or discord

legit. This is not a pejeet coin

can someone give me their private view and send keys? I need to check something


spend key 8b85928a2faea56a8200672fdc2abbd6ebdc51fa6455e8be9ec1f25517d7d605
view key 54f83ca03bae4733ac5b413f74123bcdd48fca46a27fafd22fc7195ea556ae01
0 balance

discord.gg slash daX5f3N

>tfw got in on the ground floor of my first ever foray into crypto

Can’t wait for dem lambos boys

fuck yeah
riding these green lambos on a moon mission