I'm not even going to shill. Just buy it already, you idiots. Thank me later

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>30 pages of suggestions from volunteer IT workers and programmers

Coss now has a 70 developer strong army support group on trello. Coss will be a top tier exchange in no time. The exchange is working better then every and will be updated EVERY 3 DAYS as stated by rune in the slack. Also, expect a MASSIVE spike in volume and price in march when all the KUCKS from the KUCK exchange realize they're only getting 15% payouts when COSS will be 50% payouts FOREVER. Kuck bucks will flow into COSS like a waterfall. Get in while you can... time is running out.

Only those with superior genes can see that COSS will take us to the moon.

i use to be like you.
but i sold my coss at the top and transferred to a real exchange and remember how fucking shitty coss is.

did you know coss was around before Kucoin?
Look how far ahead kucoin is. It's an absolute joke.

Dumbo question but I'm drinking my Long Island and reading "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintence" and can't be bothered to bust into DYOR mode, BUT, realistically, if I own say 10k COSS, and COSS reaches its goals of volume etc how much would I get a month in dividends? Any rough estimates?

I'll just make this.
>Rune is a known scammer
>Coss was created before Kucoin but it's not even 1/100 of an exchange that Kucoin is.
>It took them 4 months to make that shitty UI update.
>The devs fuck up so bad that all sell orders sold and the lowest price and all buy orders bought at the highest price, for 5 HOURS.
>The site has gone down for hours multiple times with out any explanation.
>All volume of the site is in Coss, literally making the whole point of the coin worthless.
>The CEO of the company left the team. If that's not a bigger sign to sell then I don't know what to tell you.

No, it wasn’t, Kucoin has been around since like May last year, and coss is already worth more than Kucoin was like 2 months ago

The calculator in is good but doesn't allow for manual volume input.

>COSS forces you to buy high sell low
No wonder Veeky Forums loves this coin

Only reason it's price is so high is because people want another Kucoin style moon.
>it wont happen.
See Since you brought up the coin price i might as while mention how over priced the coin actually is right now.
The coins price is directly tied to the volume of the exchange.
Right now you're getting about 2% dividend payouts based on the coins price.
You're getting ripped off.

Thx, this has huge potential payout

>lol why would you buy now it's not the future yet.
Stay poor, Veeky Forums.

Kucoin was overpriced all the time when you look at it that way. Nothing is going to give good ROI at the current level cause if it did it would instantly be bought up to where the ROI isn't great anymore. That argument is dumb.

>300k wall at 0.00113320 eth

Whales already dumped this shit.
A shame coss fucked up tremendously during the market rape so it dropped even further.

Evdn st the current proce the tokens are still ridiculously overvalued and when people wise up to this it's gonna dump further. Same is happeni g with kcs.

They really need to fire the Romanian team no fucking joke.

No, user, you can't have my bags.

thats all they know how to do .I remember the first week the token was released and they delayed the dividends. They excel at doing nothing and fucking up.

Why the fuck would I hold an overvalued token dependent on a bunch of incompetent programmers when I could stake ETH once PoS is implemented? Hell, even ARK is better than COSS for passive returns.

Notice how all the shilling started as soon as COSS started falling?
Notice how all the UFR shilling started after it crashed after the pump?
Some people need to offload their bags.....

Anyone notice coss token volume is plummeting as a % of total volume?

Coss token was above 80% of total exchange volume just a day or so ago, now down to 65%

Super bullish

what this means?

You know that they had a really bad bug 2 days or so ago right? Put 1 and 1 together now.

moon when? I don't buy coin without knowing when they moon

>Notice how all the shilling started as soon as COSS started falling?

Welcome to the board, newfag. We've been shilling COSS since ICO. There's been a daily COSS thread since $0.05 all the way up to $3.

Imagine that. And the majority of that drop is due to the new ICOs being released, some of which you can't find anywhere else, not even ED. All it takes is a couple more weeks of this before we really take off. Meanwhile, I'm sucking up a hefty bag of those new ICOs just from my weekly payouts. Even if 9/10 of them go nowhere, imagine if you receive a couple hundred of the next OMG/ICX/DRGN before it even hits a top10 exchange? Bullish doesn't even begin to describe it.

Just sold for a 50% loss and bought more ethercraft. Will get ROI faster.

Coss fucked me over hard af

What's this about COSS giving access (airdrops?) to ICO coins? Am confused dumb dumb

No airdrops. COSS has been making a major push to release ICOs before other exchanges. They released 3 just this last week with bonus coins passed out to top volume traders. Anyone who holds COSS gets a split of the trading fees, meaning you accrue the new coins at a severe discount before they even have a chance to take off on an exchange like Binance.

>Meanwhile, I'm sucking up a hefty bag of those new ICOs just from my weekly payouts. Even if 9/10 of them go nowhere, imagine if you receive a couple hundred of the next OMG/ICX/DRGN before it even hits a top10 exchange?
What the fuck are you talking about nigger. Coss doesn't give you dividends in different shitcoins. It only pays dividends in coss.

I guess I'm just imagining this week's payout then.
Your FUD is weak, your lineage is weak, and you won't survive the winter.

how much coss should i buy rn senpaitachi?

Fuck off lad you don’t know shit haha

Decide for yourself. See:

Could somebody explain to me how it's possible to have two huge green candles like this next to each other??????

Large swings in a small time frame coupled with low volume. Someone bought and someone else sold at the same time.

Holy shit dude, how much COSS do you have? I'm like a little baby (167) ;(

52k at the moment. Been slowly swinging some of my trading stack over to buy more, but I've slowed significantly since the downturn in the market. Waiting for the next leg up on BTC before I buy any more.

Very nice bro. I'm planning to buy about 300 more tonight... just as soon as my wagecuck paycheck hits my bank account

I was one of the people that was FUD'ing COSS extremely hard. I helped get the price down so I could accumulate 10,000 more Coss at a really low price


I only have 3k coss. how does my future look

Only have to hit $1.5B daily volume to earn minimum wage.

Buy more.

Thanks bro, I scooped up 2k at a dollar a piece.

Should I sell my KCS for this?