Why Telcoin is a guaranteed moon

bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=273742639&capId=28827721&previousCapId=28827721&previousTitle=istyle Inc.

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bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=273742639&capId=28827721&previousCapId=28827721&previousTitle=istyle Inc.

Bought, check on me in a month

Bought in lets see where this goes

New to crypto, where to buy?

Kucoin listed this the other day

Like i'm really new, Just set up coinbase. do I transfer say for example ETH I bought on coinbase to kucoin and buy telcoin then?

I need a rundown on how everything works


See you on 02/19/18
How do you see the price by then?

How much do I need to make it?

i actually bought 1 mil this morning when i saw it on kucoin. this shit is going to 5-10 cents easy. easy

Step 1. Buy ETH on coinbase
Step 2. Create account on Kucoin, go to deposits, generate address for ETH and copy that address.
Step 3. Go back to Coinbase -> Accounts and Send that to the Kucoin ETH address.
Step 4. Wait for an hour or so and check your balance in Kucoin.
Step 5. Once its transferred, buy Telcoin or any other coin that you want.

Yes, pretty much what you said. Transfer from coinbase to your kucoin ETH wallet and buy through the exchange.

>5-10 cents easy. easy

Don't think so. Perhaps 2-3 cents

And then in the future say if TEL skyrockets and I make bank can I sell it and buy ETH and transfer it back to coinbase?

Why are people being so helpful on biz? Weird. Bought 60k yesterday. Would be nice to see even a 2x return on something costing 60 sats (when I bought in) desu

Telcoin will do what XRP wants to do simply through the power of Yakuza cartel banking connections.
Banking isn't about the fastest tx product, since SWIFT has still be in place, and it's 2018. It's about who you know, and what you can do.
Naka-Chan not only has connections to the Yakuza, he's also hooked in with the west's Internationalist Bankers.
$1.00 TEL EOY. (Conservative)

i have made over 400k in crypto from $13,300 initial investment, i feel i owe it to the newbs who may have made foolish decisions from this most recent "crash"

Yes, when you will want to transfer to your bank, you can sell it on kucoin for ETH/Bitcoin/Litecoin and send it back to Coinbase and from there you can transfer to your bank by converting it to fiat.

bought 120k. Riding on your back

>bought 120k.

nice, i just got 25k, not much i know

Whats this ive heard about kucoin having issues lately though? there was a thread about it I think its still up, someone said theyre insolvent

>there was a thread

Not everything written here is true. Kucoin is quite decent exchange after Binance. I don't think there's anything to worry.

Could be FUD or could be legit who knows with biz. They've closed their referral program probably due to difficulty keeping up with the spike in users

Second quarter this token will moon, right now they can’t make public which companies are testing they can only make public interested companies but once companies implement their payment system it will be public and telcoin will go intergalactic.
CEO is an insider of the market and already rich, do your research and you will know how easy it is for this company for get big, no other company offering what they offer and they’re not threatening mobile services providers instead they’re a tool for them to make more money.
Easy x10 form here, but who knows how far this can go

So do I have to give them my ID, upload photos etc. i'm worried these chinks are gonna steal my Identity.

Since we're helping noobs itt isn't it hard to keep track of whether you are making money off alt coins since not only do you have to keep track of the alt to btc(in my case) but also the value of btc to usd?

None. You should just use a protonmail and 2fa.

Blockfolio or any crypto tracker app. Add your transaction at the market exchange rate for BTC at the time if you're trying to track in fiat.

If its listed on an app like Delta or Blockfolio then ezpz

Kucoin is doing everything they can to push NEO

they openly tell you to sell your ETH for NEO to withdraw faster


oh yeah, TEL is good coin to get into

Just compare with BTC/ETH, dont look at the US$

Where do I buy TEL if not kucoin?

EtherDelta or IDEX

I only have binance. Is there a way to link the account to those apps?
What concerns me is if I'm waiting for an alt to go from 50 to 100 and it does but the price of Bitcoin fell then even though the alt rose I would still be losing money on the conversion though right since the price of Bitcoin fell?

etherdelta and idex, recommend idex personally but there is a limit, $150 to deposit i think.

Then you count in sats instead of USD. For example if you bought at 60 sats you've profited if you sell it higher than 60 sats whatever the usd value is.

LOL the telcoin telegram now has almost 14k members :


this shit is going to blow up real quick

Binance doesn't seem to keep track of that and I don't even remember what the price of btcwas when I bought the coins.

And they're all LAMBO KIDS.
This is going to get hyped hard, which is hilarious.
Between the team and the hype, this could be the biggest moon mission of the first half of 2018.

what are your guys price predictions for next week?

>first half of 2018.

where do you see the price?

Depending how long you are willing to hold that could turn into a pretty penny


Conservatively 1 USD EOY if the 2 banks they have sign on.
5 USD if SoftBank jumps on.

Look up your order history. It's all there.

Where did you hear of bank partnerships? Link?

nice. just bought 400K.

A few weeks ago in their Telegram, and Naka-Chan
>bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=273742639&capId=28827721&previousCapId=28827721&previousTitle=istyle Inc.

>tfw can't buy any until tomorrow because bank is being a retard and just set up a coinbase.

Am I screwed guys. or will tomorrow still be good?

>bank is being a retard and just set up a coinbase.

why not use credit card?

Just wait for a nice trended dip, especially while we're in this down market. The coin should really move once the partnerships solidify.
Also remember this is Japanese based, and Japan has good regs for Crypto, unlike China or Korea, where news is moving coins all over as government sends mixed messages.

My bank isn't letting me Add my card to coinbase and Its past business hours. My Bank is set up but takes 3-5 business days to add USD that way.

This thing is going to be ridiculous in the next few months

Should be ok until the 23rd, kucoin has a whale promo.

You'll be alright, huge sell walls at 0.000007 and 0.000008, doesn't look like those will get eaten just yet

Cool. Hopefully they get it

Can you explain sell walls to me?

JESUS fuck this reddit crowd is awful

Those are unfilled orders. You can set a price you want to sell/buy at, and it'll execute if it reaches that price. Big green walls is expecting to be able to pick up the coin cheap on a dip. Big red walls to sell at a runup.
As they are, they're to scare off large buys, but the smart thing to do is look at them as potential.
Current price is .00000060 sats.
Furthest sell order is .0000055 sats.
Even whales are optimistic on these walls getting btfo'd and them 10x'ing while they sleep.

I bought in. I’m putting my faith in you, biz.

Fuck my life I bought at .000007 ETH instead of 6 am I fucked Veeky Forums

This coin could go up to $1 in the long run if bank partnerships go through, I'm gonna accumulate more at the dip, have good feeling about this.

you should do your own research on the coin too, it is your own money.

what dip? isn't this ground floor?

You should always put buy orders below the asking price.

Some of us got in at $0.00086213 on the ICO.
This has all the metrics of a good hype coin + actual fundamentals.
China is a black box, hence why Tron was a crapshoot, still got hyped to retarded heights.
Japan is not.
Canya's telegram is locked down, no hype building, the wales killed themselves on Ku.
Telcoin's telegram is beyond hype. It'll spiral, I assume this month we'll have a nice moon, then a lul, then a longer term build up, until this is getting talked about on CNBC because of the Softbank / HSBC partnerships.

Oh I know, but do you think this is going to go down to 55 sats and below?

Oh I already researched and bought some of this coin, I just want to buy 100k more, do you think this is going to drop in price a little more maybe 55 sats?

>100 billion supply
im good

probably when the europoors wake up in the next 2-3 hours. Just set some buy orders down low.

agree, but it also has the makings of a perfect pump and dump coin too at the moment, especially since it just hit kucoin

Buy some at the current price so you don't miss out and put some buy orders below asking price in case it dips, thus cost averaging.

ceo is a black dude, sell asap

Fucking lol. You still live in 2017?
>XRP will never be 1$!!!

This means nothing. Research the coin and if you still think it's not good, you're a retard.

Who are the people who were chasing Trevon James and pumping Tron?

>ceo is a black dude,

Be honest is this a 10x

Where do you think it will be in a month, three, a year?

No one has a problem with the market cap and circulating amd total supply??

>visit the telegram group
>people unironically believe this coin will reach $100
>people in the telegram shilling Ripple and Stellar
I can't handle Normans m8s I dunno about this coin

>a year

in this case it doesn't matter

TEL has access to a $500 bln global market

>this level of shilling
already reminds me of DBC and we all know how that turned out

XRP mooned into WU maybe trying them out.
TEL has Telco and Bankers all over it.
The hype is just an added bonus.

so the ceo being black is a reason for failure?

/pol/ comes to Veeky Forums

it moons and a bunch of retards that FOMO instead of getting bags early become bagholders trying to shill DBC with Braingang memes but it should be pink Wojaks.

I bought DBC at 11-12 cents and sold all my bag at an ATH, I bought BNTY at 0.08 cents and sold at an ATH. Dont be left behind dont get stuck with bags.

Not trying to FUD because I already bought but I'm worried this will go the way of CanYa. I bought at $4.8 when it was releasef on KuCoin and then got rekt, how is this coin different? Bought at 6

Canya's bench is shallow, they have locked down their telegram, and sticker price of the coin too high for normans.

This is feeling like an ICO PBD. Ain't touching this shit yet

the ceo is black?

Plus, what good news is coming out of the Canya team right now besides "HODL CLUB xD"

This will definitely be pumped and we can all gets some nice gains. But let's be honest, the fundamentals are total shit. Vodafone have been pushing out all crypto related businesses pushing into the remittance market. They have the monopoly over regions like SSA and there is absolutely no need for them to buy Telcoin. Until there are proper competitors for POS remittance Telcoin will be thrown into the pile of other coins that just don't seem to do much.

god forbid we get some new people.

>check team page
Into the trash it goes

indeed this, also sets up resistance so we dont freefall to the bottom. most cant do this though it locks alot of your base coin up

You need to go back faggot

iv been on Veeky Forums for almost 7years Im just past all the shit reddit lel memes.

Nah, just don't panic if the price suddenly crashes like some of the retards last night.

>smart user

>send neo from binance to cuckoin
>transfer shows it as completed but my funds still aren't in