Biz is just a bunch of liars

Biz is just a bunch of liars.
Half the faggots on here won't help you. The other half just shill coins and say they are going to moon.
Reddit is a better location for information, and DYOR is essential.
Fuck biz I listened to you on
And my portfolio has been in the negative this entire time
Thankfully I put a little amount in, and I learned a valuable lesson from this.

Never again will I trust any biz bro.

I hope you can learn from my mistakes and don't be so naive like I was.

Funny, I got Verge and made 13x profits, and I didn't make nearly what others did.

Lmao dude you’re insane if you’re still in XVG.

I wouldn’t blame biz on this one, this is pure stupidity.

Figured I'd HODL and if it crashes I only lose 50 dollars.

So next time listen to us on Electra and COSS.

But you are right it's my own stupidity at the end of the day for listening to biz.
You can't blame anyone for your decisions.

You are the type of idiot that will never realize he is an idiot. You will be used by people until you die, and you will always feel bad about it, but never try to change it.

hold bat and link imo.. verge is shit and not sure about vechain

vechain should be good if you got it 3 weeks ago, or if youre gonna hold it for a while

I would like to add that you have apparently been holding these tokens for about 1 week, and expected to become rich instantly by doing so.

Very, very stupid.

> buys memecoins
> thinks other are the problem

Weird I bought LINK & BAT and they 4x'd and 6x'd my money respectively. How do you manage to lose money when everyone else is making it?


lol the biz way -- buy high. he better sell them all while theyre low.

Veeky Forums was right about LINK though. They couldn’t have foreseen the shadow-fork. Nobody could have. The project itself is incredible, they just don’t know what the new token is called yet.

BAT is still gonna moon, you're an idiot still holding the rest.

>you can't blame anyone for your decisions
>blames Veeky Forums for his retarded decisions

Fuk up dickhead, kys

Theres 1 trillion BAT in circulation. It will never go above a dollar..
It's not going to moon, you won't see any x10

>admits to being a retard
>gives out advice
you are the gift that keeps on giving
i am ashamed to share a country with you

So GTFO nigger.

Are you fucking dumb the whole market fucking crashed of course your going to be down if you bought in just before the market crashed. Have some fucking patience and get rid of verge for sure. Vechain is solid just hold for a year and i promise you will see big profits. Chainlink and BAT I don't hold but they are good projects, hard to say if they'll succeed but they should still go up in the mid-long term.

Already working on it, pajeet.

You’re off by about 999 billion pal

I don't know why you're looking for moon missions on shit that have mooned several times already. If you haven't been invested in these coins for a while I just don't see the point when there are better options out there. Only reason they get shilled so much is so current holders can become wealthier.

not even real money desu.

you mustve got in late december

Even my sad 3500 link holdings have given me 2500 profit. Not Veeky Forums fault you decide to listen when its gone up 10x.

Also have patience jesus christ.

Veeky Forums is for shitposting about our investments and the market. Everyone here follows his own interests. Why the fuck will I post my precious info here for free?

Also, fuck off the plebbit and never come back you dirty nigger. Your kind is the cancer of this site.

>be me.
>buy ether in september.
>forget about it
>alone on new years eve
>seeing my 300usd eth is now worth 1k
>browsing biz
>someone is shilling dbc
>buy dbc at 0.7 sell at .50 four days later
>someone is shilling bounty
>buy bounty at .60 sell at 0.90 one day later
>someone is shilling dent
>buy dent at 0.02
>sell dent at 0.06
>have 2.5eth now.
>thank you biz

>being this dense
Veeky Forums will be better after you leave