Who here /comfy/?

Who here /comfy/?

With Pewdiepie, BAT reaches the sky

10k thot checking in

this shit needs to hurry up and moon

whats 20k BAT gonna get me in 3 months?


idk but im buying more cause im jealous of you...

honestly I'm not sure what gives this token value, thinking about selling

Jewtubers will get their money for views through this thing, instead of Jewtube, since Jewgle demonetizes everything currently.

It's the next big thing.

I only have like 2k of these and I only keep up with my bigger positions; can somebody tell me what the chances are of this being shilled on YT by someone like pewdiepie?

if Brave starts to go viral, $50k
if Brave doesn't go viral, $25k

10k stashed on MEW + Trezor

If you can't see potential here when literal vaporware hype scam trashcoins moon, you are a brainlet and should leave this board

well, why should anyone buy it except advertisers? It's not meant to be used for anything other than buying ad slots. Buying ad slots on a small browser where most ads are blocked already.
So sure, if I was an advertiser it would make sense buying the token. But since I'm not what's the point? It's not like I can use my tokens for anything other than donating to sites and youtubers.

use your imagination user, eventually sites will accept bat for content that would usually be behind a paywall. this isn't a get rich quick scheme. this is trying to become the currency of the internet and that starts with the value proposition of the Brave browser

I fucking hope so. I want there to be a reason for people to buy this shit. So basically if you want premium content on the web (like netflix subscription or special youtube content) you have to buy some extra BAT. The BAT you get from viewing ads won't be enough. If that happens, that it is in every persons interest to buy and hold a little BAT. Then I'm feeling more comfy

yeah or lets use the Guardian for example because they are already a verified publisher. if they like what they are getting in bat contributions maybe they decide to charge like 1 bat per article and you could buy like a package of 10 articles or something like that. or maybe an email subscription service where content is delivered to you for a monthly bat fee. honestly there are a lot of different ways i could see bat being used. just gonna take awhile

300K BAT, never been more comfy, and I bought Eth at $12.

I also hope that youtubers will do whatever they can to keep the price up. I don't know what that would entail. But I think that youtubers will complain if they see a dip in BAT price. So they will tell people to hold BAT, or maybe tell people to start accepting BAT to buy stuff or whatever. It feels like in this new age there will be war between currencies. Since BAT benefits youtubers/websites, youtubers/websites will push for its use right?

Went into fiat with literally everything except BAT before BTC crashed. Very very comfy right now.

It's a model for monetizing the web basically. That's fucking awesome and I can see why publishers would push for it.

BAT is more about contributions and not monthly fees I believe.

So you mean that rather than subscriptions we will see pay for things on use. View article (costs 0.01 BAT) use pdf-merging tool on this website (costs 0.03 BAT). Every little thing you do on the web comes with a little cost basically?

Veeky Forums I've got a business proposition. a camwhore BAT site. anyone want to help me create it? couldn't be that hard could it?

Relatively comfy sitting on 1.04M BAT yah.

I'll be a camgirl(male)

love it

the Brave team is really focused on advertising now. i think they want to just get Brave ads in any many computers as possible before exploring microtransactions like this. but the last paragraph in the road map in the whitepaper says:

"Browser as platform/BAT: Further BAM metrics based on advertiser feedback as needed. Partners building applications on the BAT infrastructure. Also, at this point we plan to explore value-added services that can be offered to users on the browser platform through BAT."

to me this sounds like microtransactions, subscription models, pay per view events, etc. the possibilities are endless

I would never give the guardian my BAT

Idk, I read quiite a few of their soccer articles, I wouldn't mind giving them some shekels.


I don't own any BAT but I use Brave on my phone and its a really good browser, no ads no bullshit, totally recommend

Bro give up, don’t try and convince cunts like this. Let them sleep on it and buy pumps. I’ll buy his BAT.

If you aren't doing it for fucking porn coins right now you're not going to make it on bat.

agreed, felt like I upgraded my phone, not exaggerating...way faster and smoother..

>if bat reaches 50-100 USD I will make it

Is it too much to ask for?

>implying I'm not

Yeah. Be happy if it reaches 10

Thinking of moving my Golem holdings into BAT seems quite promising. 60c seems quite low for the idea that this token is offering.

i think that is accurate for 2018. 2019 should be much higher

I think BAT will boom over the weekend though, closing at above 0.9

You're not.

Hell yea!

lol, That could't happen, I'd be a millionaire

"BAT is a utility token meant for use in the BAT platform. It is transferable. While we are aware that the token is currently being traded on the exchanges listed here, we have not encouraged or facilitated this exchange trading in any way. We have provided the foregoing information solely as a means of reducing the inquiries we receive directly."

This is a bit worrying

it could reach well beyond that if it becomes successful. the idea is pure fucking genius. I'm holding these for a couple of years

How can they get a price on the token if its not traded on exchanges. I guess eich wants the fiat gateway to be in coinbase or brave.

$603,000 is relatively comfy? Get the fuck outta here lying fag.

hehe same. be careful what you wish for...

I think this BAT coin isn't doing so well because it's fucking confusing and nobody knows why you even need it....

I'd assume so. It seems they want it to be an all inclusive ecosystem within the Brave browser. It's great idea but Your decreasing revenue by limiting it to one browser. However Google would want their own. Possible deal with Safari(apple) is possible in that case but nothing stops them creating their own token.

Is the better Idea to limit it to a single browser or try to gain the monopoly on this new system for Advertisements ?

source of that

t. brainlet maximus

Nope. I'm on it. Thanks

>what the chances are of this being shilled on YT by someone like pewdiepie?

what's the chances of google/youtube somehow blocking BAT or bringing out their own coin when most people are using chrome, safari and firefox?

>someone like pewdiepie?

I'm actually getting tired of this LARP

Look at the ripple (XRP) info. They didn't want people speculating with their coin/token. Shit shot to the moon anyways.

this user has a head on his shoulders

If you think of it as money that automatically generates from using a browser, it's not hard to comprehend.

1. Use Brave
2. Automatically generates BAT
3. Automatically donates a % of your BAT to whatever content creators you watch that month
4. There is no step 4. That's all there is, you fucking brainlet

Want to learn more? Go read a book

Google cant produce their own due to shareholder interest, nor can BAT be blocked.

i remember reading somewhere that Google and Facebook,etc. would be paid out in a different scheme than other content providers. as in, a % of the BAT you contribute to a YouTube channel would actually go to Google. so unless Google wants to declare war on Brave and deny those payments i think we will be fine

Me..? I just don't know if Apple would focus on anything with great effort other than there current macbooks, OSX etc. It would be cheaper to use and maybe a better use of resources if they incorperated an existing system into their own but hey I could be wrong.