Do you have any insider crypto information? Something shady going on in the world that you know and want to share?

Do you have any insider crypto information? Something shady going on in the world that you know and want to share?

Post your confessions here for the crypto world to see. Reveal it all. End the scams.

>You can also choose whether or not you want to share the proof with the public. However, in order to get it posted here, proof must at least be presented to The Crypto Wiki admins in private.


Anyway, it's a spicy idea. Cant wait to hear some intense shit going on in the under belly of the crypto world.

That's just another middle man who can act upon insider information with no guarantee of releasing the information.

If it's information detrimental to a coin, there's 0 way to benefit from it.

Other than selling it before posting the news, and even then there's no profit in it.

>wistleblowing and providing ID to anyone
i kek'd

I thought you could "short" coins?

ID'ing yourself is optional. Only proof of your claims is necessary.

Bump. Become a whistleblower.

I have some highly confidential information about this thread that I really shouldn't be telling any of you guys about, but I'll spill the beans anyway because fuck it. OP is a raging faggot. There, now you know the dark secret about this thread, you didn't hear it from me fellas.


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ten is being run by the Russian mafia and is DDOSing mining pools and extorting money from exchange owners with some intense violence.

The only reason for the rise in bitcoin last year was the wannacry crypto virus hitting some fairly big companies that quietly paid. Prior to that all of bitcoins worth came from drug deals including some fairly major European cartels. Its also used by paedophiles.

Its literally capital from pure evil. Run by pure evil for pure evil. The main aim of it is to destroy the USD and is a longer term scam by the Russian state to do so, leaving them in control as whales..the major financers of pedophile pornography and the meth like drugs supplies to ISIS were also the Russian mob with the blessing and support of the Russian intelligence services. The Russians have now decideth to switch from BTC to ETH.

The whole thing is riddled with criminals, conmen, pedos, people who hack and shut down hospitals and sell precusors for drugs that make people psychos.

Crypto is satanic. Thereum will soar this summer as companies hacked and encrypted via meltdown are forced to but ether.

The CIA need to pull their thumb out and kill these people. They know all of this ever since the NSA stole the BTC from the silkroad.

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satoshi was Russian. I know who they are and the also financed freedomhosting they are pure evil and the precursor drugs come from Russians in Bulgaria with political protection. The Russians showed NK how to do wanntacrypt

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the attackers in paris had their families set up for life with crypto paid my Russian wallets and the attacks were supposed to help the nf get elected so that the mistral assault ships that Russia wanted and were impounded in france would be supplied. They were intended for operations in Ukraine. The big Russian attacks are run via NK for plausible deniability and because kim is a stupid fat greedy little fuck. The Russian state controls crypto and will murder anyone who meses with that. Putin was dubious seeing it as a double edged sword that helped exiled oligarchs transfer money back into Russia but has now gon full in and has gone with ethereum. He particularly wants the technology used in oil an gas futures contracts.

Try setting up an exchange an they will be at your house and you can explain that to them in person before they skin parts of you while you are still conscious or rape your kids. Crypro is used by the Russian state to sponsor far right and far left groups as gold and silver was. The concept came from a fsb think tank on destroying the dollar

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