I have 448 ZCL. Will I make it? Or will I be kill?

I have 448 ZCL. Will I make it? Or will I be kill?


spare some change op?

It's priced in

poorfag with only 6 here

I actually think you will make it user, nevermind the zcl value, 448 btcp will be worth at least 300k at some point. Every coin get pump or pumps at some time. Seeing btcp reach 700-800 is not unimaginable.

Yep, gonna make it. Risky move but fortune favors the bold. You'll be able to dump the BTCP for way more than $140 each.

I have 214. tempted to get more just because I think bitcoin private will unironically pull a bcash by autumn at latest

Bitcoin Private is going to be huge

I'm getting anxious senpai, I want them to say the fork is happening. The fud is getting to me

yeah me too i thought it was going to be at the end of january but this delay is making me anxious as fuck

i mean first it was going to be the first week of january then at the end and now maybe in february? hmmm fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

January was just an estimate. Although, some guy posted on here saying that the bitcoin private twitter would post an update within 2 minutes and they actually did. He then said Feb. 3rd for the snap announcement or for the fork. I can't really remember.

Take it with a grain of salt, though.

To anyone falling for the FUD, think about this.

Whales interests do not align with yours if you are not a whale. Whales were complaining about not being able to accumulate because "literally nobody is selling anymore"

All of a sudden theres a bunch of random FUD threads. These whale WANT more, because they know it's gonna be big. Do not ever listen to a whale, figure out their true intentions and ride with them

what is your buy in price?

This ernest guy, people were worshipping him and he "shut down" an imposter making false claims. Then ernest goes to FUD in his own thread, seems a bit fishy. Sounds like whales colluding to create major FUD, yes even on biz. This is their another attempt to accumulate until the fork, there will be many more.

Stay strong guys

>team goes "bankrupt"
>fork doesnt happen
>zcl plummets to sub $30
>youtube and telegram ZCL shills walk away with thousands from selling the ath
>retards like you are left holding the bags

Aka another fud cycle on social media. People should data mine the archives rather then take a thread at face value. What's your take on the BTCP launch value vs 6-12 months out?

Not gonna happen. Nice FUD though

yeah man, I'm sure your buttcorn privates will totally be worth hundreds of dollars, and not just another shitfork that gets dumped into the gutter since it has no use case

>muh privacy coin

already several other faster, better, and even more secure offering on the table

>muh zcl!

nobody uses this shit, its value is purely speculative and we will see what happens to pure speculative coins this year ;)


>What's your take on the BTCP launch value
I think it's way too early to say..
would expect both zcl and btcp to take an immediate hit though. especially zcl unless the team announces something to give people an incentive not to dump straight away.
there are rumours of masternodes for example

Hard to say, it could go REALLY big, or just slighty under expectations.

I believe 3m sats is min for BTCP value launch, up to 6-7m on the upper range of my estimate

6-12 months it could def be a top 10 marketcap coin, depending on how the entire crypto market does. Really hard to say because who the fuck knows what will happen when the normies ACTUALLY start surging into crypto. This is a small normie influx, the surge is yet to happen, so anything could happen can't even give a range because it's so unknowable

Fair enough. I have a % ready on exchange to dump prior to hedge masternodes or not. Holding some ZCL long term isn't a bad idea considering ZEC, ZEN, BTG and other equihash coins have increased in value with the rise in mining difficulty.

>yeh man yet another privacy coin that cannot be exchanged for fucking anything anywhere will surely do well in a market saturated with every better privacy coins that have better tech

jesus btcp babies, looking forward to your pink wojacks when zcl dumps 90% and btcp fails to launch

what makes this privacy coin special from the rest of them? does it compare to the gold standard (monero)? or is this just another cash grab with a fancy name to entice normies?

Not a bad conservative estimate here. ZCL loses value transferred into BTCP overall most of the gain is retained with a dip after the event.

Yep ZCL to zero, BTCP to zero, BTC to zero, XRP to zero. Only doge remains.

Very valid concern, but how may coins are absolute trash and are still 100x bigger than coins with real tech? Things in crypto at this stage won't be filtered based on tech. Wait for the great cleansing where the coins with real tech will survive, until then bitcoin and other garbage coins with hype remain king. Normies see bitcoin and will buy.

what the fuck do you plan to use BTCP for you jackoffs?

Oh, right...as a speculative asset with no use case. You just hope it becomes more expensive so you can sell it.

Gee wiz, a speculative asset that materializes out of thin air? Sounds amazing! Surely it won't get dumpstered as the market shakes out pointless shitforks and coins that have no adoption.

Best of luck.

Ernest thread

Referring to

All ernest did was shill ZCL when it was at 30k SATS and now you faggots are biz are dick riding him. Things were known since pre 15k SATS.

>held since 25k SATS here, and im a small trader

I'm an equihash miner so pure profit. Thanks for watching my back on an anonymous turkish bazaar forum bro!

Literally a faster anonymous version of bitcoin. While the tech isn't extraordinary, it's still good and functional with a good name. You can be the socially awkward genius autist, or the average intelligence normal human. Who gets further in life? Could be either, but the second is likely to be consistent, while the former would lurk Veeky Forums and not interact with people.

Humans are social creatures. Social ties trumps everything, especially in this stage of crypto

This is the current order book on Bittrex, shit's gonna skyrocket

This shit is even more outrageous now, all the way to 1.5m sats no prob

I'll sell my zcl to you for $1000 each, fud faggot.

had you listened to me when I made this post you would've made at least 5% gains.

No, because BCH is adding zk-snarks through extension blocks. That means it has zk-snarks with no risk of hidden hyper-inflation. Neither Z-Classic or BTCP can offer that. You should have chosen the best zk-snark coin, which is BCH.

It won't because BCH is adding zk-snarks in a way that is technically more secure and safe than Zclassic or BTCP does. BCH will eat these coins.

Seriously!!! So anyone going into a thread actively trolling the people in that thread about X coin is showing that there is only one possible logical conclusion to this behaviour. Your not here to help us, singling out a coin saying to yourself "i need to help these people, to stop them making a huge mistake" fucking bullshit, if you are such a Samaritan how about you give me some of your crypto? tell me which crypto you would like me to own? Tell me what crypto you are going to give me? Hell if zcl is so shit how about you give me all your zcl?

KYS Faggot

Yet it is still slower, less anonymous, and less secure than BCH. So why aren't you buying BCH?

you're right and I have a stack of BCH too. the drama fucking sucks though
i've been in long enough to realise that fundamentals are not the be all and end all and
if they pull this off there's a good chance that it will do pretty well.
better than *most* forks anyway



FUDers have one incentive and one incentive only, to buy weak handed peoples bags

I am both shiller and fudder and confirms this.
Helping pajeets on biz so that they dont make mistake???? give me a fucking break, I actively fudded Req to buy cheap bag from those stupid fucks who sold me at half the ICO price lmao.

100% comfy because i had a prophetic dream about zcl some weeks ago

anyone see this cup and handle

i saw this moon coming
next floor is at 0.013