It's never going back up again, is it?

It's never going back up again, is it?

avoid cuckcoin like the plague

i dont see why it wouldn't. obviously it won't be fast moving but it will move eventually.

Holding to EOY, sitting comfy. No ragrets.

It's good for swing trading though because it's so manipulated. Easy to predict what they'll do.

Because the people who believed in it got burnt and the market cap is so high there's not much room for growth. Combine that with whale manipulation and a declining crypto market cap and you've got yourself a nasty poisonous coin.

ill sell at fuckin 50 cents god damn just MOVe

implying itll hit 50... ill sell at 30 though

I hope we ever see 50 cents again.
Assuming linear growth in order for it to reach 50 cents the market cap would need to grow to about .5 billion dollars. Who is going to pour so much in it?

Can't wait to sell this fucking coin it has caused me so much grief

i mean we saw 65 cents ATH
plus with the NEO conference coming up theres a possibility we get close to 50

That’s some dank. You must be on the west coast

I just wanna say that the same thing happened to antshares (NEO before rebranding), it mooned to like $13 within a couple days, then dropped to $3-5 range for weeks and weeks before returning to ATH and surpassing it but it did happen

I'm made 100 eth on cuckcoin.

Haha should've known. Arent NEO and DBC heavily related? Dunno exactly what the tie is but there's a relation.


NEO invested around 3 million dollars into DBC.


it'll go up again but it shouldn't
this coin is garbage, how many times do you faggots have to fall for the AI meme

>just when deepbagsholders think it cant drop any lower
>kuckcoin exit scams

so how many more coins are releasing into circulation this month....i cant quite understand the token distribution


I want to sell this EOM for new moonmissions ffs.


jesus the brainlet wojak has become so distorted that its actually grotesque