>Not reselling shoes

Such an untapped market
Plus you can buy fake shoes off china and sell ot tondumb fucks om craigslist

>Such an untapped market

>meeting people irl for nikes
Ya no thanks, id rather not get stabbed

I don't like dealing with niggers so no thanks

Wait, I thought everyone was doing this?

Stay poor dumb fuck

Where buy from and how to know prices?

monthly sales and profit?

those are the ugliest shoes I've ever seen

brownskins love em

How are you supposed to resell something to brown people that cost $700?

found the nigger

I have a solid connect that has the hook on fakes for $45 :) he has everything

Let me know if you’re interested

I'd actually rather get stabbed.

Only pussies are scared to meet on Craigslist

Having to constantly wait on mail and carry around boxes to the post office, nah fuck that amigo

>Solid connect on fakes
>He doesn't use we chat or yuppoo sellers to buy fakes direct in bulk for discounts to flip on eBay

Brainlet spotted

Real question is what crime do they specialize in?

>gets stabbed
>pays 10k in hospital fees for stitches
>cops ask you why you were stabbed with fake shoes

you're not wrong, people make thousands of reselling hype shit, clothing too. but you have to buy bots if you want to make money. or you physically line up at stores.

Get a bot, do your research on drop dates/times and research what kicks are hot right now. As in, don't fucking buy Jordans no one wants them anymore

I've toyed with the idea for a while, it seems like there's two routes.

>buy fakes and resell on ebay(hope someone doesnt know what to check for on legit checks)
>buy bots($) or have a connect in store to hopefully secure legit pairs then resell(risk being if the resll value isn't there)

both seem like a lot of work. What kind of profits do you see a month? How are taxes?


Personally, I only deal with Yeezys because I'm lazy and this is incredibly easy. Gains are great, and probably the easiest money you can make... assuming you can get the shoes.
2x,3x,or 4x depending on stock amount is basically what you can expect.

Being a poor college student it was a nice way of getting some quick cash on the side.

>buys shoes that are produced for under $1
Literally bagholding chinks irl

Hate making so many posts but this shit is nigger tier

That’s exactly what I do you dumb fuck.

Counter brainlet spotted


>assuming you can get the shoes

How'd you get your pairs? bots?

And did you sell on grailed on ebay?

I'm just getting back all the tax money I've paid

you replied to the wrong post user, but im interested shill me

>not a saturated market
kys you 16 year old nigger

What you’re describing is doing business with blacks which is the biggest no no there is in business

Now you can sell shit to them online and guaranteed to get your money without ever having to risk bwing robbed. Leaving the headache of their chimp out to the owner of whatever site you use.


Why do nignogs spend so much on ugly overpriced chink sneakers?

I know some that use/d bots, but Adidas is smart and has been adapting. I personally don't like the risk of paying for bots and having them not work.
So I just get a bunch of devices (phone, tablet, laptop, computer, friends computer, etc etc) and buy. The thing with adidas is it's random que, vs footlocker where it's first come first server and bots win.

Honestly, I sell locally and make 10%-20% more (fees are bullshit). But that's just personal preference. I used to use stockx, but it's not really worth it. I like cash. Personally sketched out by paypal and ebay because of charge backs or stupid bullshit.

This guy wear cargo shorts and sketchers

Sup callen

ITT sock and sandal type dudes. Lmao

untapped market? This market has been oversaturated for fucking years

plus dealing with mostly nigs/hispanics
chances of getting killed/robbed increase significantly if using craigslist

ebay is absolute trash to try and sell shit on

fuck this racket.