Huobi likely to list LINK

Are you boys ready for the rice rocket? Get in now.

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Good day to be holding link

Tits or gtfo

Could you please provide a source next time? Thank you.

>he's not monitoring APIs
there's a reason you're poor, user

>still doesn't know that price dumps when listed on new exchanges

probably explains why the price just popped

Going to $10 in March.

A very good day, sir?

Newfriend, hello! This is not always the case and depends on a number of factors.

lmao this
get on the API bots rookie

pls don't allow your arrogance to ruin your edge on retards fren

Please, school me on this.


Fuck off nig

Link not working . Aaaaaaahhh my links ???? Wtf (?????????????????

Shhhhhh biztards don’t deserve information this early. Remember faggots, LINK logo has been compromised it is ONLY in PNG format.

This kills the Binance manipulation.


>it is ONLY in PNG format.

someone pls tell me this isn't true...