Chainlink on Huobi

Did you accumulate enough?

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Witnessed, also that link spergs on mobile, is it real?


Huobi top 10 exchange. Moon imminent.

Yeah sorry, here you go


I thought I had time to do one last swing trade to accumulate.

Holy fucking shit it’s starting.

Chainlink's gonna get dumped. The same shit happened with every coin that got listed recently in Huobi. The same hype was there with APPC, and it got dumped like shit as the trading started.
Expect a slight pump before trading starts and then be ready for the dump.

Dump at 1.25 ???

wow finally a new exchange
how long did it take?



No dump now this is never seeing $1 again


god damnit i havent had enough time to keep accumulating
keep fudding Veeky Forumsbros help us poorfags out



Good, we need more exchanges. Also, BNB pair on Binance when?

my god

>its starting

damn right it's starting

the chinks are gonna dump my linkies???


This means Assblaster is confirmed LARPer



Because he said the binance listing was an accident, because this was much secret big boys only coin, that the ico was just a gesture of good faith to decentralisation.

Same, got rekt.

Yeah those are actually great points.

Fuck I managed to only get 50k.

Goddamn chinks, now LINK is gonna go the way of DBC and make all the pajeets rich.

"India loves ChainLINK"

Explain why you fucking retards think this means a single thing for price. It's already on Binance for anyone who wants this underperforming piece of shit

>mfw assblaster was not larping because shadowfork is real

>mfw Jason Parser was Assblaster
>Sirgay munches on his 5th BigMac laughing at the stupid neets

Shit always dumps when it gets listed on Huobi after a quick pump. Gonna leave a lot of bagholders.

Nice. Will sell this shit for mincoin on huobi

relax guys lmao. Did you see the gets up there?