Reminder that Veeky Forums is now the fastest board on the site

Reminder that Veeky Forums is now the fastest board on the site

pol threads usually take effort and the threads here usually never have any effort whatsoever

Yet somehow all the crypto shill threads stay while legit ideas for other trades/ companies with real products vanish...mods def heavy into coins

most /pol/ threads are shill/slidebot shit

>pol threads usually take effort

>most /pol/ threads take effort
yeah it takes massive effort to get worked up into a sweaty rage and scream cuck faggot nigger loving race traitor sjw get thrown out a helicopter

wew triggered

Yeah, what was Veeky Forums like before the crypto meme anyway?

Everytime I take a look here it's 100% crypto, no discussion of stocks or other shit.

90% of threads here are shillbots and pajeets though

have you ever taken the time out to hide all of the shit threads here? you end up with something like this

> spouting the same autistic and unfounded pro natsoc arguments again and again takes "effort"

go back to the containment board brainlet

why are the faces blurred? dead beat father doesnt want to show the world his inbred monstrosities?

it was very quiet, and extremely comfy. crypto had its own general and there was maybe 2 or 3 coin related threads up at a time (usually btc, eth and some fotm shit like waves)

from what i remember it was one of the slowest boards on Veeky Forums. like the resume threads used to stay on the catalog for up to 2 weeks. now threads 404 within 20 minutes, its fucking crazy

> tfw white nationalists have to blur out their kids faces for supporting their ideals

this just shows how much governments, businesses, universities, and society in general doesn't like you, that you can't even express your autistic opinions in the open safely

Don't you know about generation zyklon my dude? It's not cool to be a tattle tale, globalhomo anymore. The cool kids are the ones Roman saluting and bullying their SJW teachers. Get used to it.

Now go to replies and see us get BTFOed by /pol/ and /v/. Most threads here don't even get replies because they're pictures of Wojak screaming or looking retarded.

You guys are on par with /tv/ (historically 5th/6th largest board), that's pretty astounding.



I hope you aren't implying 8/pol/ has any more effort to their threads than 4/pol/ does at this point

lol at amerimutts

We spread good ideas on microcaps and made a fuckton of cash...twas the good ole days. Every once and a while I share some OTC ideas here but they all get slid. 500% up last year....not crypto returns or anything, but not too shabby

>that graph
What the fuck was Reagan thinking


I can't even tell if /pol/ is memeing anymore. They're either stupid as a fucking rock or on 10,000 levels of irony

Yeah Jews are a bitch

You're fucking stupid.

>pol threads usually take effort

pol is dur hur tier copypasta from sub 90 IQs and vatnik subversion shit from lazy ruble posters

>his own state goes blue not long after he leaves office


Wait nevermind, I forgot to check the time.

Its real EUROcuck hours. No point in having a discussion with a bunch of mindless smelly cunts

Have you even been on /pol/ in the last 3 years? It's nothing but low effort memes and SHE FUCKING WON bait threads

they got completely invaded by boomers. not even kidding

Its easy to spot the shitskins spouting anti-pol pro-ancap shit

I only go on Veeky Forums now

Veeky Forums happening threads are more entertaining because a happening on Veeky Forums is typically a coin going through the roof and you can make money while enjoying the happening thread

that's not true. the whole bitconnect blow-up has led to the creation of new memes.

The boomers are even on 8 now.
They have their own board dedicated to the Q-user larp bullshit


i bet theyre here, they just dont out themselves as much


Veeky Forums became fastest because of /pol/ moving here

/pol/ probably lost about 20,000 users to Veeky Forums over the last month

>teens being edgy is a great indicator of later stage political affiliation.

That study was bunk loser

I left because of boomers, they completely ruined the board (and it was shit before).

It was worse than the cancer that invaded /b/ in 06/07

>threads here take effort