What is a koenigsegg ?

before i tell you, you should know, the most important information on a coin is.................... marketcap!

UFR is currently sitting around 18 Million, and is trying to enter a multi billion dollar market, let that sink in for a bit.

their statement is:
“UFR aims to provide users a way to generate revenue by providing decentralised P2P filesharing. You can see it as the uTorrent or Limewire blockchain. Filehosts/seeders will get paid for their hosting services. This means that high quality seeders can provide files (think of games, movies, software) for a little bit of revenue. Every seeder will want to chip in on this, and users will want to get max-speed downloads for a small fee. There is no competitor in this sphere and UFR is the first coin to propose this paradigm”.

but you should also include anything where you are sharing a file, google drive, drop box, any cloud storage.

even if you do a small investment, you can see the real life use cases for this everywhere, and how much this market can grow, you would buy this not to day trade, but to ride the ups and downs and in 3-6-12 months you see 5X-10X

as always, DYOR.

if you got to the end, the koenigsegg is the picture

P.S this dip in the whole market makes it the best time to get in at a lower pricepoint

Check out UFR !!

Checking the reserve address 0xc31cd20d1a768aa579efe301ac0d89d84e6a78d9

Per the burn post, this should be the distribution:

Total Circulating Supply: 24,000,000 UFR

14.4 million UFR (60%) - held by token holders, ICO contributors, initial bounty campaign participants

5.04 million UFR (21%) - reserve supply, will not be released on the market until warranted (bounty campaigns, airdrops, etc)

4.56 million UFR (19%) - developers, contributors, will not be released on the market until key project milestones are met

If the proportions are the same as the whitepaper:

*60,000,000 In-App Purchasing of Tokens

*150,000,000 Reserved for Potential Contribution Period v.2.0.

It should be:

1,440,000 In-App Purchasing of Tokens

3,600,00 Reserved for Potential Contribution Period v.2.0.

dead coin

Not dead. Buy UFR now or regret it when the Alpha releases and the price doubles in a day. Do you seriously think that all the crypto normies won't be torrenting their files for free coins?

>the most important information on a coin is.................... marketcap!
amazing thank you
sage thread

Thats some high quality information about my favorite coin!

ITT Low tier pajeet shilling

why would i buy ufr?? i like working at McPajeets makin u cuckburgers all days


Looks like market is picking up an the UFR price is also looking better. I expect to earn a lot from this coin. Can't wait for alpha release.

Are you kidding me man? There was a post by the UFR devs within last 7 days.

Want to get paid to seed your anime collection? Look no further than UFR!

These shitcunts are still shilling their pajeet coin.
Enjoy being a bagholder for the rest of your miserable lives pajeets.

>before i tell you, you should know, the most important information on a coin is.................... marketcap!

I think this poster only got a single shillpoint for this pajeet shit post.

All discord posters who just linked their posts in the "#biz-threads" channel to gain shillpoints..

>literally have no incentive to shill this coin besides getting points on a vietnamese subterrainean tunnel messaging system
>get no UFR through referrals
>just want the project to succeed
It's like you hate free money, my friend. Why are you so angry? Just get some UFR and wait for it to rise.
We're not even P&D scheming because we literally hodl for longterm profit on this one.
Not sure what your argument is, brudda.

You each have failed to provide a single standing shred of evidence to denounce the profitability of UFR. Apologize and leave before you undergo further humiliation. You have no match for my intelligence.
You are worst of all for your blind ignorance, insinuating outlandishly that Upfiring colluded with some random discord nerds in order to scam you out of your allowance. You think you stand on the moral high ground, as if your deluded attempts of rebellion will earn your stay in the halls of heaven. Well there is no heaven for unenlightened ones as yourself.

>+5 Shillpoints awarded
You can fool yourself but you're not fooling anyone that isn't a moutbreather

I bought a bunch while they were on sale but I don't care about it mooning as much as I'm pumped for the tech. This is probably one of the only coins out there right now that has a use case that I'd probably ever use. Getting paid to seed is a lot more appealing than another generic 'payments on the blockchain' buzzword coin

Feeling quite comfy, definitely best holds of 2018

Nice try, but as you speak I'm doing advanced yoga, breathing solely through my nose. Also, the shame you place on "mouthbreathers" makes it sound like you've never done anaerobic training in your life. Secondly, you did not cite any evidence that suggested I "fooled myself," as such a claim should surely precede some error on my part (which you will not find due to my superiority). So I'll take this momentum and pile on the pressure against your pathetic attempts at spewing baseless FUD. You can't argue against the reliability of Upfiring: the decentralized P2P on the blockchain that can't be shutdown like ThePirateBay or Limewire.

x5 is really pessimistic estimate in 2 months, do you really wanna miss yet another moonmission?

Still hodling these, like the whole market, it's doing a nice upward trend.

Kinda like the unique use case this coin has. Even though one might consider it irrelevant, I would like to pay small amount of UFR for a proper torrent.

In addition, stil a very low mcap, no competitors. See this as a real gem, even though it get's shilled out here a lot. On other platforms, UFR is still very small though.

Imminent moon in my opinion.

UFR is going sideways now, best time to buy i think, for an easy multiplier on your dolla