Enable SMS 2FA

>enable SMS 2FA
>work once
>never work again
>if i log out now i won't be able to log back in

great site

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Better than Korean exchanges (bithumb) where the "2FA" is just an additional 4-digit pin code you enter after logging in.

you can disable 2FA while logged in

Why can't this piece of shit use google authenticator? Even kraken has it, and he's a retard.

i need to receive a sms message to disable sms.


it does, retard


well... that's shitty
how much do you have tied up in there?

but on the thread
it does have a lot of Binance team members saying they're working on it
so I think if you contact support (or just wait) it should be fine

ok i enabled google 2fa now and it gives me the option to login on my phone using google auth.

sms is still broken with no option to disable it.

also the "seed" they give you isn't the seed. 2fa seeds are really fucking long with at least 20 digits.

Never going to make it

so you don't get the seed at all?

i was going to disable and reenable 2fa to get the seed

Are you Chinese?

thats what i did now, to save the qr code image which is the actual seed.

now my phone isn't reading the qr code.

what a shit site, seriously.

Sync the clock

what made you think that

it has nothing to do with the clock

>too retarded to figure out 2fa
>blames website
You need to go back to fiat

Sms on binance only works on chinese carriers. I'm not sure how you even enabled it. Maybe because your country isn't set right. In any case your account is really screwy so I see how it is creating problems.

isnt it china only? I got my 2fa with the google thing, and im genuinely very concerned of what may happen if i switch my phone for another one, since mine is pretty outdated now

I'm in the US and got it once and never got it again. Only found out because I tried to login access the account on my phone. Had I logged out I would've been screwed.

>site even says chinese carriers only for sms auth

fucking retards sage

I have no clue how one person can screw up so bad. But I have to assume your country was set to china. When I set up my account you could only enter Chinese phone numbers for the sms.

you see this shit? the +1 is the international dialing code for the US

Mine said 86