The cup is real! I now believe!

The cup is real! I now believe!

That last dip was a blessing for those late to the party. Get ready for $5.

cup and handles arent applicable to crypto

fuck. only 12k...will i make it?

Certainly looks like it. One of the few genuine cup and handles I've seen in crypto. Most are just bullshit, force the pattern on the chart type deals.

I might actually buy this for the first time


>bitcoin does not exist

If I actually made it because of LINK I don't think i could ever stop hysterically laughing

Looking good, Linky!

If you've been around longer than a week you'd know it happens all the time. I never thought it would happen to my stinkys but here we are.

That's true

So why does a cup and handle happen? Forced dip for accumulation in preparation for huge news?

Yes they are. Crypto runs on bots. Bots trade patterns. Bot patterns use traditional market patterns against crypt-crypto pairs. Bots trade cup & handle patterns.

Get ready for the rocket of your lives. By next week half this board is going to neck themselves for missing out.

Sold link for mincoin.

not going to happen on this bearmarket

never traded in my life, is it too late to get in or still a good decision?

it's minor profit taking, simple exhaustion of available buyers after a big move that is predicated on demand for strong fundamentals, more accumulation while more people decide to hop on the train.... It's just the way things are because of the way mass human behavior works.

>blah blah blah

god you people are retarded. you are trading against bitcoin. its a bitcoin pair, there is no fiat pair for Link, your coin is entirely valued on bitcoin stabilizing

>cup and handles arent applicable to crypto

you sir, are a true brainlet, and one who clearly lacks basic reading comprehension skills.

This going to at least $20 by years end. You tell me.

>feel when only 42 LINK, that's 100% all in
I'll make some buck, but... Not enough to retire. And I won't get paid until Feb 1st, so I guess I'm out of luck?

Have something useful posted earlier today.

How can I trust you LINK bros when you cry cup and handle every 2 minutes?

You got that right. I got in @ 0.00070815 ETH

Looks like a dead cat bounce to me.

t. TA who was trained by Jason Parsnips.

this is the biggest dick cup and handle you've ever seen in crypto. literally its entire life on charts has been forming this c&h

hehehe you are so fucking poor

the amount of crypto cup and handles ive seen not work is astonishing.

Link aint going no where

Bots dont control shit. Whales only use bots to automatically buy/sell to themselves or accumulate while the trader is away from the screen.
The bots you constantly see pushing up to walls are just shitty trading bots that barely make even. Whales manipulate the actions of shitty trading bots by placing walls and doing small market buy/sells.
If a pattern is being made its for the purpose of getting others into a position so the whale can distribute his stack, or buy more. Extremely common tactic in the chinese markets. Trick hot money into making decisions based on visuals, then fuck them.

You give the shitty crypto trader bots way too much credit by the way. They arent fucking AI.

The fuck kind of dumb ass surname is Parsnips? What’s his partner’s name? David Cumquats?

Have you seen the cup & handle? Its a massive one, and the price has followed the pattern perfectly for a while now without deviating.

We'd stop screaming cup & handle if the price would stop being one. Seems like that'll only happen once we rocket and find a new floor above previous ATH prices.

because we've been watching it form for the last week and a half you fucking brainlet

Samefag OP

tempted to move some ven into link just to ride the mooning if it goes up, should i stinky linkies or is ta all bullshit?


this is art
my God

>Bots dont control shit.

You're either new to this game, or painfully dumb.

This whole market runs on bots. 24/7, 365. If you haven't figured that out yet I'd advise you squat the n00b starter pack for a bit while you do some research before trading again.

> You give the shitty crypto trader bots way too much credit by the way. They arent fucking AI.

Most aren't. Some are. And more are being powered by AI all the time. Fuck, AI asset funds are becoming the hot new thing now. Again, you're either new or a brainlet if you don't know that.

Please don't. We don't want your weak day trading glass hands.

>You're either new to this game, or painfully dumb.
>I'd advise you squat the n00b starter pack for a bit while you do some research before trading again
Talking to yourself, huh? Seriously dude you have no clue what actually moves this market. At all. Trading bots are considered nothing more than easily manipulated volume.

Ye, I was extra nervous trading yesterday.

I could see low volume, extra thin sell book and lack of swinging. To me it is a sign of imminent breakout.

Wanted to accumulate a bit more before the rocket launches, and managed to add only extra 250 LINK

Overall, I have traded my stack up x1.5 times this week. I guess it is time to stop now and enjoy the ride, until the next market shakeout happens.

fresh af fampai

I'm betting on XLM jumping first and then putting that into more linkies. But I get what you're saying, maybe we'll be done goofed. Just don't be a nolinker.

> By next week half this board is going to neck themselves for missing out.
You still need to time a moment to jump this rocket, cos LINK is super far from main net release. We will likely see some new dips.

I expect a microdip at 100k wei and another one at 135k wei

Well that just shows you are retarded. Thanks for clarifying.

Thanks man. I'm just hoping the handle takes a little longer before exploding. ICX has been cucking me for almost a month already.

same same. ICX needs to do something.

Also, this is indeed a cup and handle, but I don't think it is a legit one.
The massive dip on the graph wass caused by an incredible BTC rally and fork drama.
So it does not represent LINK's own price action but rather BTC's one

Incorrect. HFT drives the market. Whales aren't sitting there microing their stacks 24/7 with APMs that beat the best South Korean Starcraft players. They're running bots preying on thin order books in multiple alts at once to make constant, 24/7 gains.

Not all trade bots are equal. Nor are all the stacks they manage.

How do I follow these charts, chums?

I'm in the same situation, friend. I have 16. We'll make it eventually.