Hey guys, some of you are pretty cool, don't go to crypto tomorrow

Hey guys, some of you are pretty cool, don't go to crypto tomorrow.

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I'll bite...

What's happening tomorrow OP? You know something the cryptospace doesn't?

>he thinks this isn't a bubble
>he "thethred up"
Get out now seriously.


printing 550,000,000 million imaginary dollars in six days isn't weird at all

Why do you need to spam these threads to make your point?

I think the tether printing is due to people actually tethering up.

a half trillion dollars of a 100 percent completely useless shit coin was printed in a week. This is the fucking end dude, do not miss this exit because it's going to be the last one. Veeky Forums is now one of the busiest boards, and even niggers are buying crypto because they think it will take them to Cadillac land.

Think about it, how realistic is it anyone of us is going to make it in this bubble, no fucking chance.

Before the phoenix is reborn, it must first die.

To help the fucking blind
If people are tethering up, and they need to print a over a half fucking trillion "dollars" to keep bitcoin afloat how much do you think this shit can last?

You guys think during the dip everyone took their money and went into bonds? No fucktards, the went into tether or their usd wallet and waited to buy in lower. Jesus fucking Christ we had this FUD the last dip as well. Everyone thought it was a crash too. Weak hands and retards gtfo

You'll make it

Until next friday atleast. Its gonna be a weekend boom for alts, then another reaping next week I think.

Also possible they are increasing for margin trading demand. Haven't checked the stats recently.

Do you have any idea how fucked fiat is right now? Equities overvalued? Real estate around major metros? Bonds risky as fuck? I don't disagree but you can at least own your private keys or PMs. There is no alternative for decent yield. Will not sell my blue chip positions nope nope nope. DXY is dropping like crazy inflation is coming markets will get flooded.

Nice comment down there you half-wit nigger. I'm very aware of what Tether is, who owns it and where they bank.

Also look at what happened with BEEEEEEECONNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEECCCCC, a great meme, but they just pulled the wool over so many nigger and normies eyes, and I watched the whole board laugh, me along with them, but if you don't see the writing on the wall you deserve to lose it all. Good night.

> spreads fear then quickly exits
You didn't tell anyone anything new information from months ago. Thanks for shitting up the board. Anons will assess the Tether situation and make their own decisions.

youre missing the akarin one

dont spread stupid fud you fucken newfag. This tether situation hasnt changed since the start, theres absolutely no reason why it would cause chaos "tomorrow".

kys please


Tether printed almost 30 percent of its entire supply in a week. do the math.

I really hate this fucktard behaviour by crypto people. for the last few years we've had a deflation problem, japan in particular, the boj has been aiming for 2% inflation for ages and constantly missing it.

read a fucking economics books and educate yourself on whats happening in the economy now instead of repeating random shit by other crypto shit heads

not all inflation is bad, without it, you wouldnt get any fucking economic growth, cause the rich would just sit on there money instead of spending it

yes obviously because people wanted to tether the fuck up during the crash.... it doesnt mean anything, and it works the way it was intended to

Holy fuck, if you're seriously this much of a brainlet I'm so fucking glad i cashed out when I did. This is the average Veeky Forums poster too. Tether is a literal unapologetic PONZI SCHEME

you probably cashed out on the dip you fucking idiot

> 550,000,000
> half trillion


Ponzi scheme is what finance in general has become. Tether is akin to QE, and that was a mega massive ponzi. And now, we're in a worse position than we were in 2008 with respect to exposure to toxic debt, and while there've been some exotic instruments used to try and reduce that exposure, it's not enough. So, unless you're stocking up on gold, gunz, and ammo, you're involved in a ponzi scheme regardless of what you do with your money.

they are printing tether because one tether can't be used twice, also they could print 1 trillion tethers if they wanted to, who gives a fuck if you can't exchange it for fiat?

Kill yourself you delusional keynesian retard
Inflation is bad and deflation is good

We had the industrial revolution in usa under deflation.

Stop reading keynesian bullshit """"""""""""economics""""""""""

We hate you central bank kikes here

He's ducking retarded just sage

turbo brainlet conflating technology advancement with economic policy

the greatest growth of global wealth is currently Right Now. using your same shitty argument one could argue Keynesian Is The Best

Yes, they can get fiat. How much more of a stupid faggot can you be. Tether=>btc=>usd

OP is a faggot and missed the dip.

thats a half billion not half trillion....

Got him good user

read this you dumb shits

top fucking quality user

I agree that Tether is shady, as those are, once again, funny internet dollars coming out of nowhere, printed by the Omni guys to supply an insane demand. If those guys decide to cash out the funny money after printing half a billion more, or simply hold the BTC and stop the transactions, people are going to end up with useless Tethers that nobody want, or will find themselves without a solution to escape the crypto volatility.

USDT got the entire cryptoworld by the balls. If it crashes, the whole system burns. This crypto market is a freaking joke.