Post your biggest mistakes

we've all fucked up bigtime at least once so far right? share ur stories

i fucked up a wallet address and sent 5eth into the abyss, this was when eth was around $300

Yes very good, espers coin is very good buy sir!

Got scammed by a youtube impersonator. Super elaborate social media, fakes give aways, fake people saying thanks, etc. etc.

Gave way .08 btc when I was like a week into investing.

Lesson learned - anything too good to be true is.

monaco has a credit card comin out looks good

I bought a shilled coin close to ATH because i thought a news update shilled on Veeky Forums was legitimate
I have a feeling a lot of others did this

at least u learned a lesson
everyone on Veeky Forums is trying to scam each other

Bought DBC over 50 cents
Bought CanYaCoin at $4
Bought 5k of BTC two days before everything just crashed

I don't have many mistakes but I'll tell you yours. Your biggest mistake is not researching and buying Skycoin today.

>buy RLC @ 1.8$
>it moons to over 10$
>don't sell anything because i panic
>it gradually drops back to 2$ while BTC crashes horribly
I could've made 25k+ with one move and have a way higher position but I'M A FUCKING RETARD

I don't have many mistakes but I'll tell you yours. Your biggest mistake is not using my referral code: 16105182

Tron but I haven't sold it yet

>still doesnt sell
Doing gods work user, hold my bags till tron is $10,000

>buy 150 btc at 60 dollars
>sell them at 80 dollars


I put a huge margin long on XMR when fluffypony teased a major announcement as a prank simply to show how easily the markets would sway to his word. Lost 80% of my stack.

Lost $2 on an ETH transaction with too low gas limit

Wert, shouldn't you be a millionaire by now.

Married outside my race, learned my lesson. Left her the first time she decided to try and cuck me.


Well the pair was XMR/BTC so no, but I did make most of my money back by longing the same pair on a later date

Not buying more when i got in

Sold 1788 Neo at $30. Needed the money for bills

I didn't click that "sell" button a few days ago before the crash. Now Bitcoin is going down to at least $5k and the whole market goes down with it.
I can't forgive myself for not selling.

Threw away my old pc in 2012..had mined about 300 btc just for fun and forgot about them