Tether Tiwari's Guide to Surviving Tether

Hehe am i right anons?

is the author from the future because those coins are far from having staking implemented. There is also ARK which is far more stable in its price.

he's an idiot

just keep your NEO on an exchange that pays GAS daily like kucoin and reinvest into more NEO as you receive it.

>just keep your NEO on an exchange

There is 0% chance in those 10 years that the PoS coin I pick will be deprecated, abandoned or some smart ass finds crypto collisions or other implementation flaw. Yep 0% chance.

> far away from staking
ETH is but it doesnt matter in a long bear market

>ark is stable
Are you arkies really this dumb? Its stable in a bull market lol but it wont survive a tether implosion

Btw ADA is having staking really soon which is why teeka said buy up to $0.9

or keep it in your NEO wallet and transfer your GAS to exchange everyday to buy more... whatever suits you. Watch the presentation by the binance CEO at the blockchain conference and tell me with a straight face you don't trust that man with every penny you own

It will dump to but it DOES NOT COMPOUND get it? Your neo does not produce neo

Yeah sure, what replaces them faggot? Why cant these POS coins continue improving like you know.... Software

Lol are these neo investors retarded? NEOs staking does not compound its a shitty POS coin for this strategy. NEO does not produce NEO

are you fucking stupid? You receive GAS every block. A block generates roughly every 20 seconds. All you have to do is sell your GAS and buy more NEO. It's a pain in the ass but well worth it when you consider the fact that NEO will pay 6-7% annually after full decentralization. Ethereum will be lucky to pay 3% annually when Casper goes online.

Plus, NEO has much more room for growth in terms of the token itself.

You are assuming exchanges wont shut down for months or years once tether implodes. If there are no exchanges GAS camnot be sold for more NEO

>neo has more room for growth
You think people will care about potential growth of neo when tether implodes

>eth 3%
How do you know? Staking details are nkt out.

>not being invested in projects that still have a use even if the entire crypto market turns to shit

if every exchange shuts down then crypto can rightfully be declared dead. Your scenario is unrealistic.

What kind of backwards logic is this? If people don't care about the potential growth of NEO then why should they care about the potential growth of ETH?

staking details are not out but there are some very well reasoned projections laid out by some talented guys on the ethereum subreddit

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> cumpound

Hehe am i right anons?

Exchanges can be shut down temporarily for months or years and be resumed.

Or at least until decentralized exchanges come out.. By then you missed on COMPOUNDING STAKING

Also neo is a shitcoin where deploying a contract costs $30,000 and having a token is $300,000 per year

>>not being invested in projects that still have a use even if the entire crypto market turns to shit
Why not POS coins that have uses?

there is a decentralized exchange coming out next month built on the NEO network you brainlet

The NEO council will foot the bill for both of those things if the project is good

>The NEO council will foot the bill for both of those things if the project is good
Ah so they are the gatekeeper now on who gets to create contracts and dapps unless you are rich as fuck? Sound pretty centralized to me.

>inb4 this is to prevent pajeet projects.
If they are soooooo fucking sure NEO scales better than ETH why are they afraid of pajeet projects clogging the network?

>they can reduce the GAS needed
Da Hongfei hinted at this before and it tanked the price. Ever wonder why they havent changed it yet even though XLM easily changed the required XLM in a wallet from 20 XLM to 1 XLM.

I mean it's exactly like software. There are so many old apps that now works only in emulators or virtual machines because improving them to work on modern hardware/OS would require complete rewrite or loss of features.

10 years is quite long, maybe in 2025 we will have crypto only mineable on quantum computers? Or someone comes with better Proof of X than Proof of Stake? Or simply some corporate/government fast follower comes along and sets official standard/regulation those PoS coins can't accept?

>I mean it's exactly like software
These are blockchains though. The older they are, the more secure and valuable they are. The most likely scenario is that they will jut be forked.

This is why BTC is so hard to kill.