Where my raibros at?!

Where my raibros at?!

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Yo it's yah boi.
Can't wait when this shit hits binance. The dip was nice too

Hiding until exchange withdrawals work again.

checkin in. this sht so comfy. holding down top 20 like a G during this monstrous market crash

Sold. Fucking hate this pnd

I really hope the exchange node issue gets fixed. If so XRB can reach the moon. If not, the 7K TPS was a lie, and so was the unlimited scalability.

The next couple of weeks will be crucial. Withdrawals need to be fixed on Kucoin and Bitgrail. XRB is like that unproven NCAA player, right before March madness. XRB is either going to step up its game and be a first round draft pick, or its going to fail and fade into obscurity.

I'm right here, getting shafted by bitgrail.

Fucking butt rail dude.

Withdrawals working on Kucoin RIGHT NOW


It's fixed. They just waiting on exchanges

can we ban all rai posts? like we need to actually come together as a community and focus on actual coins, like wtf are we here to make money or just jack off and meme

Withdrawals are working on Kucoin now.

>kucoin withdrawals enabled
See you on the moon, anons. I hope you don't miss the ship.

I really hope this is true user. Getting my hopes up seeing the Kucoin thing. If we can put this withdrawal issue behind us for good then we jump back to $30 easy.

Why is this the most hated coin on Veeky Forums apart from LINK?

Are anons really that mad they didnt get in at a few dollars like the rest of us?

Probably because of the way it was distributed. When I used to make threads about XRB back in June and July, people would just discard it as a pajeet coin. Now they're obviously bitter as fuck.

It's already fixed, was just able to withdraw my XRB from KuCoin, ready for moon mission II?

Veeky Forums loves LINK. It's the only coin that can solve the oracle problem.

XRB is Reddit’s coin

iota is, XRB is iota killer, reddit just trying to stay relevant talking about it

I just withdrew from Kucoin. Check again

when is this shitcoin going to moon?

cant wait to get rid of my bags

Bags? More like gold bars.

>XRB is Reddit’s coin

Reddit was late to the party. I first got shilled on xrb on biz