Shill me some cryptopia moon

What do i buy on cryptopia right now for a quick 50%?






ETN will make you an ass load of money, not even kidding. last night i went all in and got about 25 BTC worth. By the end of next month I anticipate to 10x my gains.

good luck reaching a 7b mcap in 6 weeks.

went with the capptrap


Bottos or whatever


zer for a slow 5x

Just look at upcoming events

I have finished accumulating it is time to tell the masses.

OP here, bought capp @2542sat

in return im giving you a gem, longterm hold tho with x5 spikes mid february:


>1- Allows holders to stake and mine

>2- No ICO

>3- No premining

>4- devs active on discord

>5- Fork incoming 7th february

>6- 100 sat price

>7- 320 million circulating

>8 new website incoming

Join the discord

Thanks but looks like a shitcoin desu

it just went to 2700 sats wot



>10x off ETN
Sorry but no. 2x in 2 months if you're lucky and they stop fucking up everything they try.
>muh mobile mining
This coin is a sad gimmick.

The only surefire rn is CAPP. OP made the right choice. Pajeets please exit.

Dont forget ADST

Making me feel better, bought 800 tokens at 0.60 a few weeks ago. Sitting /comfy/

Its set to explode pretty soon. Lots of cancerous crypto youtubers are making videos about it and theres heaps of buy support

To be honest I think I'm in it for the long haul - It looks like a pretty interesting product and the low market cap/supply could really turn into stupid amounts of capital for me to throw back into the system soon enough.

Also I've been reading about ICOs - Have you seen Waltix yet? I haven't finished reading the whitepaper but it looks pretty interesting all things considered, since you know, TicketMaster is for kikes

TTC getting pumped sometime in the next few days

No I haven't but I'll read up on it soon. I haven't invested in an ICO yet but I'll probably buy into the coin metro flash sale.


UFR - it's around $1 now and it will go back to $2,70 where it was before by the end of the month or beginning of next month.

If the Alpha does good, it might even go as high as $4



ADST is taking off. Buy bags now if you haven't already

it looks for now, but the devs are investing their own money, bounty for website, constantly working on the product and since its a pow pos pot hybrid its stable.

it will go beyond 500 sats ~feb 7th

thx for the capp fomo guys.
comfy now

Check the signals on this discord for detailed instructions on a few cryptopia coin buy zones and targets

XLC once trading starts again.

Verge. Its just the best.

VOISE, will get listed on a top 5 exchange between now and the 21st (confirmed by devs, see their Telegram).

In addition, UFR. Unique use case, still relatively unknown (shilled a lot over here, but don't see it that frequently on other platforms), and has still a very low mcap. Also new exchange coming soon.