Payfair is literally unstoppable

Payfair is literally unstoppable.

I'ts literally stopped for the last 6 hours dickhead. .

Shit better than going down, its found a floor at 28 cents and a day before the crash it was like 18 or 21. Still plenty of room for growth with only a 21M mcap, plus the finished product being rolled out soon

could you please, shill me on this user? I have a few ethers on standy in etherdelta

only ~3k for what is essentially a masternode that would make a percentage of the value transacted through what is essentially an escrow network. if i had 3k spare I would buy this shit right the fuck now

New updated demo at the end of the week

Gonna be a FIAT crypto platform, they already have a beta (test network) working out on with OMG. Trust node is 10k coins and will give every trust node owner a digital cabinet of sorts where 1% of every transaction made will be deposited into your cabinet. You'll be accumulating coins you didn't even know had moon missions. Trust node makes the network more reliable by confirming txs etc

>15k owner, in at 7 cents

oh shit, I actually have 3k to spare... I'll research about it some more


Honestly unironically go to r/payfair. And sub to their twitter. If you can afford 10k PFR you can secure yourself a trust node which will yield you a percentage of all fees from the platform. It is a decentralized localethereum. They plan to use consecutive anonymous escrow nodes to police the platform in a decentralized manner. So like how people do bank transfers on localbtc they will be able to do that on the decentralized payfair platform over the ethereum network. This is scheduled to be functional in Q1 and once it is in place more erc20 tokens will be added. (next is omg after pfr + eth) If you have a trust node you will be paid a percentage of all the tokens traded on the platform in the form of each token itself. They are updating the white paper soon.


Also if you look at the chart you will see it has been chad stepping and people are not selling off. The next chad step will be when they are able to prove they have a functioning demo which will be in feb.

In one month we will have a full blown mission to pluto

are you fucking stupid? Payfair is hailing itself as "muh escrow" blockchain

The problem is that no one here on biz has ever purchased anything of value, like a house, where potentially hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars go into escrow.

Escrow companies do much more than just hold money. They act as a second pair of legal eyes on your purchase and work for you between buyer and seller. They are professionals and also have insurance liability incase something goes wrong, such as the money is WIRED TO THE WRONG BANK ACCOUNT.

Meaning, you are protected by escrow companies, and they aren't that fucking expensive either. It's like 1500 to use one which is well worth it when you're buying a 900k house.

Payfair is especially retarded because the "developers" don't even know what the purpose of an escrow is. They just found a buzz word and tried to make a token around it, none of those poor russian faggots have ever used an escrow for anything, I promise.

How payfair works is, and they literally figured this out IN THEIR TELEGRAM as some dude was grilling them about how bullshit their coin was, is that they will have 3 random people verify your escrow to make sure it goes through.

The only incentive these "escrow" agents have is some kind of bullshit reputation system which no one gives a fuck. And they can fuck with you.

If you actually tried buying a house using payfair, you're essentially putting your transaction in the hands of 2-3 RANDOM INTERNET STRANGERS WITH ZERO REAL WORLD ACCOUNTABILITY AND NO PROTECTION AGAINST LIABILITY LIKE FRAUD.

Meaning, if they wanted to, they could just fuck with you and pass the escrow even though the house is not passed to your ownership.

This is assuming other questions are solved, such as how the fuck these random internet people are able to read complex legal work and determine whether or not escrow requirements are verified.

It is literally the dumbest fucking coin I've EVER seen in crypto.

They look like pumps... followed by dumps...

Reminds me of the minereum scam

The team looks sketchy as /shit/. Kinda pass, as it stands.

>you're essentially putting your transaction in the hands of 2-3 RANDOM INTERNET STRANGERS WITH ZERO REAL WORLD ACCOUNTABILITY

>what are smart contracts?

>what are smart contracts?

Obviously you're the one who doesn't know faggot. How does a smart contract approve funds being released for a house once inspection clears? Inspection + repairs can take many cycles.

Oh yeah, a PERSON has to do it, which is one of the random internet faggots that could be a 14 year old.

You're so fucking stupid lol. Go ahead, buy it. DO IT.

This guy is mad he didn't buy at $0.10

the escrow nodes put their own coins at risk when they participate, they would lose money if they make bad decisions.

Also you need 3 consecutive approvals for an escrow deal to go through. I would trust that and will use the service when it's available.

Updates have all been solid and a shit ton of original code, no copy paste bullshit. CEO is a Thiel recipient too

This is how

if this shit was a PND it woulda be gone during the crash right after it was pumped big time 100%+. devs active as fuck in telegram, updates very recently to many parts of the platform, promo vid and more comin soon. this shit ain’t goin anywhere.

nice copy pasta. weak fud it’s in nobody’s interest in the platform for an escrow transaction to go south. if your pajeet ass really was in the telegram you would have known the devs have answered all this shir. go get into ufr and chase that shit u fucking normie

you are the only fucking retard wanting to buy a house with payfair,
This is for crypto!!
Sure maybe in the future it will work to escrow other things, but the escrow will be huge to sell large amounts of crypto.

escrow services are contracted for physical goods retard
also trust nodes and buyers/sellers are held accountable by their assets and the voting system

>Muh house
This is for fiat to eth/pfr.

"Am I willing to risk my 3k shitcoins to collaborate with two others whereby we might steal $3M? Definitely not. Because Payfair reputation."

it's all anonymous and random.

I dare you to find a real flaw

is that you shill boi?

"I am eager to find anonymous internet nodes to secure my transaction," said nobody ever.