EOS is a ponzi

EOS is a ponzi

>kills her best friend by strangling her
>leaves this 2 years later lol
>gets 7years for manslaughter, saying she doesn't remember doing it
>she had confessed to another friend despite not remembering

7 years for murder. Belfort got 22 months. What will Brandon Blummer get?

>EOS is a ponzi

Give me link to the story damn it

>fat ugly roastie kills the hot one
Women are shit


>kill someone
>get 7 years
>"If you fight back, the enemy wins"

Canada, ladies and gentlemen.

a fat skank murders a skinny skank.

how most unusual and uncommon.

Always ugly roastie killing cutepies

trips of truth. fuck canada. this psychopathic fat bitch is gonna be out again in 7 years or less living life and sucking the funds out of some dumb beta while her friend rots in the ground. i hope she gets aids and cancer at the same time

I just wanted an excuse to share that pic

But they're getting billions of dollars for nothing, selling 90% of their coins, and if you follow the wallet transactions you'll see they're completely cashing out.

Where is the incentive from there?

Belfort wishes he could've done that

She murdered her friend by lol hitting her and strangling with her belt.

She confesses to a mutual friend about what she did

Has the audacity to leave this message:
And she only gets 7 years because she tells the court she was too drunk to remember


I bet one of you guys could be her e-bf if you send her mail. Prison has congical visits

Such a waste, fucking hell. We should just burn fat and ugly women, they will turn into murderers or feminists anyway

>"If you fight back, the enemy wins"

Lol is that a saying there. Holy shit do they realize how evolution works

What’s address? I’ll do it for mega lolz

oh fuck please continue user. Yeah canadanon sauz the addy

Eos is pumping though, hop on board bisches!!!!!

>7 years for murder
Purely hypothetical philosophical inquiry: If you were the father of the dead girl, would you honor kill this whale the second she stepped out of prison?

Why are women so fucking evil?
> IDK I'm just a sad girl teehee~

Use Google

I assume canadaland isn't different from the US where you can find people in the prison system so you can mail them.

Failing that send mail to the prison closest to where she lived that houses women. Send the same letter to multiple prisons.

If you do it, I'd say do it to get to know her. You can actually end up fucking

Congratz Veeky Forums
you made me lose that little shred of hope i forgot i had again.

of course, i'd only get 7 years

Because the girl or EOS?

Either way you're a moron

>what i say is law and you're stupid for thinking outside of my guidelines
There goes another shred