How do I get 20k in under a year as a student?

How do I get 20k in under a year as a student?



What a piece of shit car.

Go for the Mercedes E-Coupé 2014+ like i will do After Neo mooned.

>a fucking a3 limo
and you want to spend all your money on a single fucking car. i laugh at people like you who drive an expensive car who arent actually able to afford it.

To buy a car? Why would you need a 20k car as a student?

Stop wasting your money and buy a cheap used car under $3000


Unironically just buy and hold 10k in eth, btc, ltc, and xlm

In that order

Nice trips



Fucking poorfag with shit taste. I could buy 20 of these cars with my crypto money.


Buy me one then

waisting 20k on a shitcar

the absolute state of bizness and finance

>diesel a3
you can't be serious

>20 k euro
>Spend it all on an overpriced Audi
>Student visa
>Near Berlin or Köln
Never change /kanake/. You have to go back

Buy 1k link. Wait 6 months. Done

Tell me better car for 20k

Neo mooned ages ago lmao. It's 10b cap now.

Absolute best case scenario is 5x profit.

Define better? What top 5 specs in a car are most important to you

take it as a hint that you dont spend all your money on a shitty car (not a good one either)

a fucking a3? are you a slut?

Do you know how I know you are a low iq kanacke?

Has to be a limo, under 80k kilometers, under 20k euros, manual, actually prefer Benzin
Minimum 100PS
Not a cuckbrand like Opel or Toyota

drop out of lelducation and work a full time job in anything (admin, call centre, factory, apprenticeship, etc.) and live at home with the folks

any a3 that doesn't have s or r in the model name is a pure shitbox,let alone one with a diesel engine
it's the go-to lease badgewhore mobile and it shows
20k can get you a well equipped b8(.5) a4

unironically i'd do this for 20k, how do i actually find people who'd pay an ugly guy to blow them though

other ugly people

i have had offers to receive a blowjob. so you giving one should be fine with possibilities.

If you want to buy this shit depreciating asset then just do what normies do:

PCP contract with a 500 Euro deposit for 3 years where you pay for depreciation plus interest and then hand the car back at the end cause you can't afford the settlement payment

>How do I get 20k in under a year as a student?

when you have 200k then you buy a 20k car son.

catch the bus until you get to 200k

Europeans under 30 unironically shouldn't be allowed to drive
If you're going to be manchildrens well into your 20s, you're not fit to operate a vehicle

Earn your own money

americans of all age unironically shouldnt be allowed to live

hello gerbro i am in munich right now

do u know any fun bars to go

Not that much into bars but check out neuraum it's a club @hackerbrücke. Go on Saturday night. Lots of stacys that will make out with you if they are drunk enough


>he’s dreaming about driving a shitty weak diesel audi
Come on dude, for less than half you can get an e60 5 series that is way more reliable and much more powerful. And better looking.

thanks brother, I'l check it out. You live here as well? hope you will make it.

Also just buy 20k fun and you'll have your 20k next month.

> Buying a expensive diesel as a student
Oh i am laffin.

Neuraum topkek
take a look at Home (amalienstraße) Frauen26, Pimpernel.

Buy a Toyota Camry. The new ones come with 180 horsepower and you can probably drive it through a wall with no mechanical issues. And it'll probably outlive you. If you want quick money sell drugs or crypto.

grab a nissan s13 or a mr2, don't be a brandcuck and get a car you can have fun with

there are no camrys in europe

pray for market to crash and ven to go back down to 3.50, buy 1k of them for 3500$ hold for a few months until they're 35$ a coin, easy

the toyota 2jz engine is one of the best you brainlet

first you'll need knee pads, then a mirror to see that you're actually a female and want to compulsively spend money instead of make it

Fucking germans and their retarded Audi A3-4-5-6-7 and BMWs diesels lol.

Just go and buy a used Mazda MX-5 RF for 20k and you will get a shit ton of pussies.

3k civic is the way To go friendo with a couple simple mods preferably

So can we all agree


>t. americuck

>MX-5 RF
shit that's an ugly car

I have an Audi A3 but it's 2007 hatchback. Feel rich anyways

Got the sedan version, I love this car. If you have to stand still in traffic a lot Audi has the other brands beat with a superior interior and comfort.

>spending 20k on rebadged VW Jetta

o I am laffin

Got myself a BMW 330d (Because petrol is out of the question in my country due to ridiculous emissions taxes sadly)
>Remap to just over 300PS/750Nm(!)
>50mpg (5.5l/100km)
>8 speed paddle-shift semi auto box
>Full leather
>Automatic wipers/lights
>Heated seats/steering wheel
>M sport with xenon headlights

Maximum DD comfy. Under 80k kms can be found for under 20k if you look hard enough.

A 2 liter diesel? Holy shit you're a fucking loser. I'd be looking at cars like BMW 335i or Mitsubishi Evolution at that price point and you want to buy this shitbox. WHY?


>8 speed auto
it's either been in an accident, or it has 300k miles on it



Guys is a Golf GTD a good car? I know it is a diesel but I make a lot of miles and want something sportsy but not too douchey.

>Europeans under 30 unironically shouldn't be allowed to drive
Ok, I'll switch to adult activities of my American coevals. Like watching superhero movies or collecting toys.

u wot m8

>Top Gear didn't like it, so neither do I.

>implying this guy is interested in dynamics of the MR2 to be able to drive it properly and won't just crash and die by braking in a corner

>buying a 20k car
>as a student
you might aswell kys

Wrong, I've driven fast diesels before, the torque is super fun but they run out of steam too early, the pumps are dirty and they sound like shit no matter how relatively refined the engine is.

Und was ist mit Reperaturen, kannst du diese dann bezahlen?

I've never had power band problems on mine probably thanks to having the 8 speed auto.
Complaining about the dirty pumps? Don't be a baby.
The 6 cylinder in mine is smooth and sounds pretty good for what it is. BMW did put that exhaust noise speaker in the cabin that I'm not a fan of. But hey, VW do that with even their petrol cars now so meh.

I like petrol cars too. But for the fair distance I DD every day a diesel made far more sense, and I find the extra torque much more fun to use on the motorway during a normal drive.

I have that car in black but not the diesel version and it rules.

Did I do well lads?

>20k car as a student

lmao enjoy being poor for the rest of your life

>Britcuck version
No shit it's cheap dumbass.

Truth I was debating getting an infinit but on a 50k salary who the fuck am I kidding? Gonna attract nothing but gold diggers anyway.

I wish people would stop looking at cars as investments.

Some of us know we are losing money on them, but we don't care. We just want a decent car to drive.

>Made in Germany
>Has to be shipped and converted to right hand drive

If it still ends up cheaper then you krauts are absolutely cucked I must say

This is cool if you are 18 or younger.

Can you tell me what I'm doing washing one in Denmark then? Lol, it's a 97 2.2L one though. But they are imported. I've seen a couple on German car sites. 45k euros usually for the brand new ones

du kannst deinen arsch auf planetromeo verkaufen oder auf grindr leute finden die dich bezahlen
hol dir kein aids

yes us grown ups like grown up,adult cars like big manly trucks


buy some fucking crypto and join p&d discord servers

300%+ on last p&d dont fucking miss this shit
discord referrral: a4pNJYM

Veeky Forums would have a field day with you, I hope this is a troll post.

BMW > MB > VW >>>>>>> AUDI

Why not just save a bit more and get the new shape, looks miles better than that.

Proof anons on this board are a bunch of NEET manchilds

yeah bud infinitis arent that nice.