Be me at work and hear colleagues talking about crypto

>Be me at work and hear colleagues talking about crypto.
>2 of them talking about binance and investing 50USD each month and becoming rich.
>OP starts smirking a little bit. Colleagues ask what? You are also doing?
>OP says invest 1k or you are forever doing this. OP does not deal crypto.
>Colleagues advise me to go into crypto because reasons of rich.
>OP smirks says nah it will crash. OP volume is 10k USD each week swapping from one to another.
>Colleagues talk about VEN. OP is impressed and says invest in it. Then they start talking about XRP becoming the new BTC.
>OP says XRP is decentralized and will not become BTC.
>Colleagues say i dont know what crypto is and i shouldnt talk.
>Colleagues only know one market and it is Binance and they say holding crypto on exchanges is easy and safest way.
>OP smirks alone and they cant see.

Have you guys also experienced colleagues talking about crypto and what? This is so funny how normies are talking about crypto and becoming rich by investing 50 USD or 100 USD.

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One colleague was directing another (female) colleague how to buy ripple

They bought at like $2.50 which is hilarious

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>Have you guys also experienced colleagues talking about crypto and what?
>normies are talking about crypto and becoming rich by investing 50 USD or 100 USD.
Still better than being a poorfag wannabe daytrader with 5 figures bragging about his autism on Veeky Forums

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I'm an intern at a shitty company and my boss is into crypto.
He buys high, sells low and then blames kraken for his losses because it is so slow.

When I talk about crypto I only mention gains and losses in percentages so all I get from family is a "that's nice dear" so they don't realize how much I am actually worth. In about 12 - 14 months, friends and family will wake up to me missing with instructions to get a hold of me. I will running amok in Japan poking slant girls and I will let them know I won't be coming back for a long time, and when I am home, I will be the king of the fucking mountain.

Haha i totally get it, i hear the same stuff from my parents. My dad said to cashout in 1k and live a good life.

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A few people have asked me about it. One of them was my cousin who said he was going to invest 100 dollars in the new year. I couldn’t believe that was the amount he told me. I walked away in disbelief.

Whats the problem. Im min-maxing the workforce. Find a job where you can work as a management and with a computer. Deal 4h with crypto and do 2h of work. Ez life. Get payed to do crypto to get profit. Also at some point ask a raise bcs you are worth it.

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I already have an old VW that is a trooper. My dad told me to take my gains and buy a car. LOL, I should just take all my gains and all the time put into trading, put it all into and big pile, and pour diesel on it and do the dance of death around it while it turns to void. "Get out while you're ahead," they say. Fools!

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Kek yes. I had a normie friend all excited she invested a whole $50 on xrp at $2. I’m sitting on 3000 on them as a small investment and don’t even think about it. Didn’t tell her how many I had for reasons, just told her I had a nice amount and if she’s lucky she can double her money. She looked confused, she’s expecting it to pull a bitcoin and be worth thousands.

turns out they were right

>Be me at work and hear colleagues talking about crypto
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