XRB node issues are officially fixed and deployed on most exchanges...

XRB node issues are officially fixed and deployed on most exchanges. Kucoin withdrawals/deposits take

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XRB has recovered better than most. its a good sign

source? Kucoin is working but I don't see a fix on GitHub or announcement from Raiblocks team

the commit isn't on github yet, they are waiting to make a final decision as they have several solutions ready but withdrawals are working. binance listing should be opening up soon. to all the idiots who sold be prepared to pay $40 soon hahaha

lol are you some insider faggot? or just holding bags and want people to buy them? what a retard

So good. Binance moon when though?

no im a long time hodler, not selling anything until 1 year. i have none on the exchanges. why am i a retard? im explaining the situation. the team is active on twitter and reddit. if you used your brain, you could accomplish something in life you retard

It’s on the subreddit.

they cannot disclose a date for Binance listing. there is a thing called nondisclosure agreement. they cannot hint at any date. its up to Binance's hands now. I'm gonna guess in 1-2 weeks to finalize everything and make sure the site doesn't crash cuz this is gonna be huge

Withdrawal on Cuckoin finally works? Is there a fee?

its on the XRB subreddit, devs announced this you stupid faggot.

yeah $1 USD equivalent or 0.05 XRB

XRB is the only one in the top 20 coins of CMC that HASN'T been listed on Binance yet. that's right. all 19 coins above XRB are already on Binance. Each coin that got listed on Binance shot up like crazy. I remember Iota was 30 cents and Tron was below 1 cent. XRB is just going to take off because Binance is an Asian exchange and the Japanese and Koreans will pump it up

Info on the github commits is on the subreddit by the devs themselves. Binance listing opening soon is just a guess from the poster. If KuCoin withdrawals work reliably for a few days, then based on previous Binance coin listings, I will also guess Binance to add it soon.

Also, of course he wants people to buy the coin he is holding. Are you a retard perhaps?

yep asians dont know shit about XRB, wait until they start being aware. this whole pump has been because of americans and brits. binance listing is gonna spread an insane amount of awareness. i just can't believe that Veeky Forums still talks shit on XRB lmfao. do you guys not see where the fuck this shit is going?

i truly believe this coin is gonna be revolutionary. I bought btc when it was $100 in 2013 on coinbase. I remember when btc transactions took less than a minute and the fees were only 5-10 cents. XRB brings back these memories. It's sad knowing as BTC gets bigger it will be harder to scale and transaction fees will cost about $40-50 per send when BTC reaches 40k+. XRB brings back the happiness and joy I got when sending BTC from wallet to wallet. Obviously I am biased since Im hodling XRB, but I'm not dumping it anytime soon. that would be foolish. trust me on this one

Some asians probably noticed it already winning the Binance vote and are waiting it to be listed. it might take a few days/weeks for them to grow some balls and start the pump train rolling though.

hell yeah bro. if a coin like Tron can go from 1 cent to 30 cents literally from December to January, why can't XRB 30x as well? It's a great product that hasn't even started its marketing campaign or rebranding yet. so much potential... when will Veeky Forums learn

next time give a source where we CAN confirm the news rather than telling us where we CANT find it retard

Oh come on. Fucking greedy chinks.

oh the irony. calling me a retard when your so retarded you can't even use a thing called google. dude go on reddit raiblocks page. it's the top article. now go back to your mommy so she can feed you dinner and wipe your ass

I hope it doesn't pump too much right now. Lets have a big pump together with the chinks once Binance is here.

if you expect me to end up googling every new thing a 4chaner says to confirm its truth, instead of them giving a direct link to the news they are referring to, im not sure who is the retard here? let me take a guess, its you

I'm pretty sure it will go 10x this year, if the market doesn't crash further. Not sure about 30x though.

30x would but it up there with the current ETH market cap. Def not feasible.

My gains are being kept hostage at ShitGrail
I've got 10 000 XRB and the motherfuckers won't verify me. I can only move 0.1 BTC out per 24 hours with tier 1 verification.
It's an abstract kind of feel

What news do you need?

Binance confirmed to list RaiBlocks:

KuCoin just enabled withdrawals
unofficial twitter:
KuCoin XRB wallet to see txs yourself going through:

Sorry buddy, yeah bitgrail is def shitgrail. The node fix is implemented but bitgrail is developing a custom script to better process withdrawals. Its all on bitgrail to finish up on their side, XRB team has done everything they promised to do. It should be very soon user.

thanks. if you wouldve included these links in your initial comment it would've been a lot more credible and we wouldnt have wasted time arguing.

that said i do think xrb is a great project, i have been researching it since 2 weeks and the bitcointalk.org posts from 2015 really adds to the ingenuity of the project.


>30x would but it up there with the current ETH market cap. Def not feasible.

thats assuming the market stays stagnant. if the market grows bigger to let's say 1 trillion, ETH's market cap will be much bigger than it is now

thanks for sharing the bitcointalk thread. can't believe its a project from 2015. this is bringing back btc vibes already. i remember in 2013 BTC was totally unknown then it started gaining traction super quick. I feel like XRB is going to get this type of momentum especially knowing that Colin has been developing this coin for at least 3-4 years. Now that's dedication

why dont you send all your XRB to your raiwallet?
when it hits binance, send all to binance

yeah i can see XRB being 50B+ MC by end of 2018 if the market doesnt collapse. im guessing 250-1000 usd/XRB EOY

problem is not XRB plroblem is the whole cryptocurrency marked which will collapse at one time.
I think we all agree that this will happen, we can discuss if it crashes to zero or 50% or whatever.

I do not think XRB will survive such a crash because at the end of the day you always have to switch back to ETH/BC to cash out.
this will always be the issue and desu i do not believe bc will be at 10k end of 2018. much more like way below.