As of today (1/18/18), COINTELEGRAPH, a major crypto news organization, has named Funfair the altcoin of the week. See here:

Funfair is also the highest gaining coin today on Bittrex.

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Hopeful for the future of this coin, once they get their gambling license we'll be in motion and the coin will shoot up.

This is the very reason why I don't listen to any news, analysis, or really ANYTHING I find on the internet. If they would've called this 2 months ago, that would've been impressive. But looking at the biggest gaining coin and THEN say that it's great? Pathetic.

Say what you want, but at least people on Veeky Forums were praising FUN back when it was 400 sats.
>we live a timeline where autists on a mozambican peddler forum outperform the major news/analysis organizations

I was shilling it at 200 sats. It's when I bumped my stack up to 100k and made this meme, pic related.

Does this mean it's time to sell? I need to accumulate more fun.


Nice. I only have 1k

Shit just shorted FUN @ 1200 sats, meh ill rebuy @ 1k sats as always

That video gave me cancer

Sitting at 150k now. Want to bump it up to 250k, but fell asleep for the last sub 700 st dip

>buy high
>sell low

Nice post OP

Fuck man, wish I had joined earlier. I want to get to 6 figures but I'm not even close to 5 figures. It just seems so distant, so impossible. All my life I thought I'd never be able to get so much money, now there's a chance of it. Feels weird.

I hear you man. I started with 3k. Made over 100k in the first two weeks of this year. Still shocked. Just do the research and then trust that they will deliver what they promise. That's why I'm so heavy in FUN. I believe in this project and the team. Possibly more so than any other coin.

How is it hard for some people to understand that there are three scenarios this year:
a) FUN start being adopted by online casinos which means Andromeda mission inbound
b) It keeps trying to succeed, but hype dies and it will only see meager gains over time
c) It flops

I am hodling this forever, because I believe in the team, the idea and expect case a) to happen.
You can be justed just as much with any other coin. FUN might enter a real world industry and introduce the blockchain to real world applications FIRST. You know what FIRST means? It means we're going to be pumped.

Rundown on why you need to chill, DYOR, and just wait:

Feb 8th ICE - being shilled to casinos
Late Q1 - early/mid Q2 - casinos can use the tech

Any other pumps are just a bonus.

If you actually follow marketcap in crypto like a moron and require the maths to add up to buy in, it's a $5B marketcap for $1 FUN. Online gambling is $60B, which doesn't include the online gambling options like CSGO, and it definitely doesn't include the people who refuse to gamble when something isn't provably fair. Gambling (not online) is over $240B in the US /alone/, ie. no Asia.

Remember that ICE has over 15k people on average, and over 8.5k of those are representatives of gaming and gambling companies. Literally all it takes is one major casino to buy in early to get as many coins as possible before they raise in price, and they alone will pump us up to $1. It only takes one small casino + investors who react to the news. It only takes Asians even fucking learning about it. Even $10 is proven achievable with the current marketcap, and when coins start getting burned from being used, it'll be that much easier to hit those kinds of highs.

Casinos also have additional reason to purchase the coin in the form of dividends, as they can loan FUN to other casinos for guaranteed returns through contracts. This means they can buy as much as they want as soon as possible (ie. the second ICE hits us), and they'll never be at risk of being unable to use some of the coins they've purchased for a few years, as they can just loan the excess to other people. Also, I keep saying 'casinos', but literally any random shitter with a bar can now have online gambling as an option with FUN. This is a huge selling point for Asians as well, due to their internet cafes being able to get in on it.

Finally, the team is likely the best team in all of crypto (look up their background), they'll almost double their employees to 50 soon, have connections to casinos, and have no real competitors.

TL;DR Chill out


Provably fair gambling (saves billions in lawsuits)
Over 12 playable games (the next biggest gambling coin has 2). It has over 20 in development, whereas most others aren't even aiming for 10.
Not a casino - it's technology the casino adopts and adds their own spin to. Every other gambling coin is an actual casino that adopters have to assimilate themselves into and gives the casinos buying in no freedom.
Uses state channels, meaning that you can pay one (1) initial transaction fee and then you can play all day if you wanted without any fees.
Crypto guarantees that you can cash out your winnings in minutes - hours. Online casinos can currently take weeks at a time to cash out your earnings, and they can even be frozen. This is a big thing for both the casino and the consumer, as it cuts down on manpower needed to process the transactions, and the consumer doesn't get JUSTed while waiting for their money.
29 team members, which is more than 3x the next highest gambling coin. This will be almost doubled to 50 very soon (with even more planned after), which puts it at 10x the next highest. A number of the members are poached from big casinos (like David Greyling, whom was a high executive at the biggest online casino, William Hill)
The actual team behind it is likely the best team in all of crypto (seriously, look that shit up). They all have connections to casinos, all have been in the gambling/online gambling business for over 20 years
License is pretty much in the bag (only other gambling coins that have licenses are in shitlands that don't let you do anything, anywhere, and anyone could have gotten)
CEO is the guy behind Starfox lmao
Best memes (look at 7:58 lmao, this is some illuminati-tier shilling)

Buy the dip, we were at a 18 - 19c, which was still going up even after two major pumps, before the Korea fud and whales have kicked in to capitalize since it's so close to ICE, it's not that the coin has lost any steam.

FUN saves casinos billions in lawsuits
FUN means literally anyone can start an online casino. Not just actual casinos, but even random shitty bars, Asian internet cafes, or even some random faggot in his mom's basement - and you know that each and every one is proven to be fair.
Whichever casinos do get on it will effectively monopolize the online gambling market. If you're doing online gambling it's not like location matters, so you go to the casino that can prove itself to be fair and has the most options.
FUN guarantees the people gambling aren't being scammed by odds being manipulated (whereas you could lose the BTC you've been gambling due to jews fucking with odds)
It also allows people to cash out their money pretty much instantly, whereas online casinos currently have to process your winnings, which can take weeks at a time, and you can be frozen if they 'suspect you're cheating'. Even if you prove yourself to be doing everything legit, they can still take ages to accuse you of it, and you certainly won't win the lawsuit
FUN allows casinos to loan each other money for guaranteed returns (once again, no lawsuits because it's based on smart contracts)
It also means casinos don't have to waste time and resources developing their own online gambling options, and it means they can cut down on staff required for processing/have more time to allocate their staff to other matters, as everything is automatic.

The entire world is being taken by storm by crypto apps. The stock market is taking hits from it (stocks have started to become a little more volatile as a result). Whichever casino adopts a gambling coin will end up monopolizing the market, or at least stealing customers from those who don't. Even if it's not FUN, anyone who wants to remain competitive in online gambling will need to be able to prove themselves completely fair or they'll fall behind, and only smart contracts have that kind of transparency.

Every thread until you fags are rich

My dad holds 100k fun
But I sold min at 1280


>My dad holds 100k fun
How old are you?


Fun is a pump and dump coin!
Stop shilling no one is having fun.