Get a degree

>get a degree
>get a job
>just to live in concrete hell
Why do people do this?

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or be homeless?

If you live there you dont have a degree. thats in the outskirts of shanghai or beijing.
If you have a degree you will live in a nice appartment in the centre of a big city

>get a life


Is that actually a place OP?

they look cozy on the inside desu

looks good to me. wheres that? Shenzen?

it's Hong Kong

gooks aren't humans so it doesn't bother them

People don’t. Brainwashed sheeple do. They are indoctrinated. They know deep down it is true but admitting it would destroy their fake reality. You stand a better chance of converting a Scientologist to Atheism than you do of waking somebody up via a conversation. They need to hit rock bottom first and for many the safety net of their ‘lives’ stops this and the welfare and system of loans and debt props them up if they do come close to failing or falling off the merry go round.

>be Congolese
>8 years of medical school
>4 years residency
>live in picrelated
Life could be much worse user, you could be a nigger.

so its probably really overpriced, but also comfortable. Ive seen those appartment complexes in the outskirts of shanghai. they look like absolute hell

this. they're trained to just do stuff they're told to. they dont want to have choices anymore. (((they))) did very well in training their little working ants making themselves even more rich

>Why do people do this?

Conformity. They're told so and think it's normal. A lot of people, even smart ones, don't think indepentently

it's an insect colony in hong kong. here's a shot of the lovely interior!

people without money are slaves

if you're fucking loaded you can afford this lovely 5.7 sq m nanoflat

its a small enclave of hong kong. thats why it looks like that. hong kong later claimed the surrounding territory and these people dont have to live like that anymore. but they still do

wil independence help you to make money?

it's kind of incredible what the human mind can adapt to

cage homes are still very common in HK

looks comfy

Is that one of those Chinese ghost cities that they keep building so the economy doesn't crash? No one lives there.

probably from the big housing bubble. if that shit pops then i would expect a ton of chinese to move out of hong kong. and the housing prices wont be fucked by the chinks anymore

it's a public housing estate in HK. lots of people live in there. meanwhile rich fags live in pic

I wish I could live in a big jungle city.
I'm stuck in a small town in switzerland where nothing happens and there's no way to even spend half your money without looking for stupid shit to buy.

My friends in crypto don't even invest too much because they wouldn't know what to do with the profit, so they just get for like 500$ worth and buy a ledger to have another shitty gadget in their collection.

>Not wanting to slowly sip Scotch on a rainy night looking out on an urban dystopia with Carpenter Brut playing in the background

What are you fucking gay or something OP?

Of course he's a fag. It's not even a question.

looks comfy

I want that house


I can tell you that living in a big city isn't as interesting as you think it is. Also you never have the time or the money to do anything

Was in Hong Kong last week, most people are super unfriendly and rude there anyways

can't be friendly when minimum wage is less than US$5

At that point why dont they make gangways at the upper levels of those towers so neighbors that live high up but across from each other can visit easier witohut spending five minutes going downstairs then five more minutes going upstairs when they're literally spitting distance from each other

what makes you think they get along with their neighbors

>Also you never have the time or the money to do anything
Says who? This is crypto board moron, assume that everyone will have made it by the EOY.

To be fair if you spent a decade in school learning how to use the limbs of albinos to cure blindness and how to use a baby’s asshole to cure AIDS you probably deserve to live in that shack

Can't become a real demon if you don't live in Hell.

Holy shit i think you just cut every user on this board with that massive edge

I live in Hong Kong AMA

>the centre of a big city
is usually a concrete hellhole. Outskirts is where actual comfy life is.

What's good about commieblocks???

Hong Kong is not a place for living.
It’s a tiny city stuffed with people, they’re in an unique position where they’re part of China but have different law and culture and even language, so people couldn’t just move to China
It’s like if everyone in America is living in New York or everyone in Japan is living in Tokyo
In fact it’s been like this since the 50s and things haven’t gotten better in any way

So how are people supposed to live? I need income to eat and have a roof over my head.

Hong kong became an shithole. I used to went on an vacation there in the past, but I heard that everything got really bad there politically. Also got flooded with mainland Chinese people.

Also, appartments are super expensive, compared to western europe. You get a small appartment for the price of a big house here.

only poor people suffer from communism

Is air pollution really that bad?

are you afraid of china?

Why live in a million dollar house when you can live under a 500 million dollar bridge

we live in a cyberpunk future at this point.

What's the alternative though?

I want to move out of the big city, but how can I make a living out in the fucking sticks? How can I pay for my internet?

I'm forced to do this