So... are people gonna like.... murder these guys?

So... are people gonna like.... murder these guys?

I mean they cant be that hard to find...

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>offer to murder bitconnect guys
>take money from people who lost it all
>dont actually murder anyone
>gullible get scammed again

>take out loan on house to really murder them this time
>show up in some third world shithole south east asian country
>travel to ISIS controlled island with 5 heavily armed private military contractors
>as soon as you get shot the contracts just tuck tail

These guys live in some shithole and have most likely the local gangs/police on their payroll.

They took the original down

Those lyrics.
>bcc in high demand, you know they got a BIG SURPRISE
>you gotta invest a little something, yeah, you gotta reinvest to make it happen



no coiner here, can someone fill me on?


bitconnect (BCC) was a ponzi scheme that recently imploded. like -90% in under an hour.

You signed up on their platform site, deposited BTC and received BCC in return. With your BTC they used trading bots to maximize returns and they were promising 1% returns compounding daily for lending your cash, so long as you kept your money locked up in BCC for 120 days.

Only there was no trading bot and when new money stopped flowing in the operators shut it all down and proverbially "skipped town" with the money. There was also some referral system and people on youtube were shilling BCC to their followers.

Seems to have been mostly niggers taking out loans and going all-in with their life savings.

hahaha holy shit

Wow lmao people actually getting scammed by spam mail. This is so absurd.

HAHAH fuck ME !! what stupid cunt would believe this shit??

I don't get how people can't see that this is a bad fucking plan.

>implying the bot can handle swing trade thousands of bitcoins

fucking retards deserve to lose money

It should be illegal to sell investment advice to niggers just as it's illegal to sell drugs to children

lol my mate got hit for 10k, literally warned him to run the day before, I still feel bad for the guy :(

This whole ordeal was done artfully. They have niggers singing and spics shilling and everything. Truly the epitome of dumb money.

People are now investing in their new ICO, bitconnect X or something...

look up some of the official bitconnect music videos on youtube. theyre all either cute asian girls singing about not having to work anymore or black people rapping about being nigger rich because of BCC

also look up the BCC "dance party" thing.


they forgot to mention the market cap of it was like $2.5 billion before it crashed

A guy at work lost 5k and I asked him about it and he told me his older brother lost 60k and his other brother lost 30k, and youngest brother lost 20k the whole family invested in it because one of them was making heaps with it.
The whole family got fuken rekt.

everyone that lost money deserves it its for their own good to not have shekels

most of them couldn't get out anyways since the "contracts" had a minimum time like 120days+
You couldn't just withdrawal your BTC once it was in

Top kek, what a bunch of fuckin noobs

lel fuking ignorant retarded cunts

the bitconnect ringleaders will get away fine. they're educated white americans and brits i think from someone that did a little research into the platform a year ago.

its the dumb youtube monkeys and hired hands that will take all the heat, and they should, because that's what they deserve.

At least they were kind enough to refund their customers in soon to be worthless BCC.

if i put in 1k how much you i have after 120 days?

which was all explained beforehald on the site but the nogs can't read. to do anything on the platform you had to buy bcc tokens, it just happens the only way to buy bcc tokens on the official site was with bitcoin.

there was never any way to get bitcoins out, you had to sell bcc yourself for that.

that 1% daily compounding interest @ 120 days is like 2.3x your money. You could have put your money into literally anything else and vastly outperformed what BCC was claiming to do.

>230% over 4 months.



I'm retarded and didnt factor in the original principle. You would profit 2300, so youd have $3300.32