Tell me a 100x ICO by the end of the year or the kid gets it

Tell me a 100x ICO by the end of the year or the kid gets it.

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Devery, but it sold you in 17 seconds, sry user

Get devery in a week on exchanges, this shit is gonna moon so hard. It currently has a market cap of $16m, lol.


Because of the mass whale presence it will definitely dump back close to ICO price so be ready

Also FinTrux is legit

Someone didn't make it into ICO? poor user

How long between listing and dumping? Not sure when would be the best time to buy in. Thank you! mate seriously, I'm not going to write you an essay, but do your homework. Pre ico just happened. They made 2 million usd (when pre ico finished it was with 8 million) they just bought this in solid gold held in escrow. Mate, research darico. YOU WONT BE SORRY. They're chasing Saudi money. Google world block chain summit in Dubai. Find the main page, then click sponsors. Bam, there's They're chasing Saudi money. I have 13,000 coins already. They float in June.

jibrel network token is the only real answer

probably just a 25x but shipchain.

all the benefits of an 100x ICO without the hassle of an actual ICO

DOGE obviously.

this. missed it though. soon as it hits exchanges I'm dumping cash into it

Bitconnect X now please let him go .

buy ADA and wait for a year

Careful m8 u gonna cut your hand off

I hate kids. Do it.

Do you know when its dropped on exchanges?

Do you know when it's out on exchanges?

I'm not fucking around, TELL ME YOUR ICOS
unhand the kid!

Oil you stupid cunt, you fail to even acknowledge darico ico? You don't deserve shit. Not even one question about darico. Fuck off noob. You're destined to fail and be poor.

> working product
> low cap
> presale still opened

Cut the kids neck. See if I give a fuck. Go an hero, you wanna be white knight. I'm giving you solid advice and all you have to contribute to the discussion is some nigger holding a knife to an autistic kid missing a chromosome. Says a lot about you. Screen shot this chat, you'll regret not listening in 12 months. Enjoy your hot wheels, that's as far as you'll get, cunt.

What exchange to short the kid?

>green ID
0-4 you won’t make it
4-8 LINK
8-9 FUN
If doubles you must go all in, or the Bogdanoff’s and the Vinklevoss will eat you for lunch
If double 0s you go bankrupt and audited by IRS

Nice banter you must be alot of fun irl

Shit guess you better go all in Bitconnect and tether OP

KYS is about to hit exchanges, guaranteed 50x EOQ2

Cheers cunt.

Block Array

whoa man youre pretty edgy!

crycash. and stfu and don't shill it again until the ico ends Jan 31. don't hurt the kid

I hope you don't miss it user

*unsheates butter knife and brandishes my yellow British teeth in a smirk*

Coin metro

DADI or Magnalis

Feb. 1 famalam

What makes it such a solid choice? I’ve looked through the site and it looks ok but how did you even hear about it

Cripterium. You just missed it though...


Thats Bitfinex and Binance, right? I’ve been looking through the Telegram occasionally. It’s going to explode as soon as it hits exchanges.