How do we solve the black-white crypot pay disparities

should high earners be taxed and forced to pay back to the black community through crypto welfare and crypto programmes?

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only if slavery is re-enacted

Buy BitconnectX. That's the only way we can solve this horrible injustice.

its not about helping them its about making people more civilized so I can PERSONALLY benefit from a more civilized society... its civilization aka europe. why have money if your country is a essentially romania, or, even worse my allah forgive me for uttering this word, America itself?

>be black
>see white people telling me to buy chainlinkers and raiblox
>aint falling for that

>see a couple brothers getting paid, making millions, in that bitconnect game
>go all in
>lose everything

fucking racist ass crypto white people making me lose my money


Once link takes me to lamboland I will make it a priority to help niggers

only help the smart ones please.

you gonna pay a gang of hoodrats to fuck your wife or something? create new jobs in the hood

You'd have made more with bitconnect than with link tho

Pay back? That is assuming they contribute to begin with, they don't.

No just pass out turkeys, have man to man talks with gang bangers, coach a street ball tournament maybe. 90's nigger movie type stuff I guess.

kinda like this idea tbqh.

Pump MLN, consider purchasing CHKN.

step 1: invest in cryptos
step 2: get rich
step 3: use your money to pay all niggers to go back to africa
step 4: profit

they are dumb but not that dumb

I already do.

I pay them THOTS in XMR.


Trevon James and his cryptogang will take care of their people.
I am so glad that we have finally trading platform which is equal to both blacks and whites.

Tell them Africa has an amazing welfare system, they'll be clambering aboard the first boats out.

1. Get billionaire kikes to hand over all their jew gold to blacks, it's only fair
2. Invest in KFC, Nike, and Dodge
3. ????
4. Profit

>Who Brought the Slaves to America

>Dr. Tony Martin & David Irving - The Jewish Role In The African Slave Trade

>Jewish leaders demand Farrakhan denounce "Secret Relationship" book

>Malcolm X on Jews

>Who Brought the Slaves to America? - Walter White

>The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volume One

>The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volume Two

hoodrats is a feminine term


>t. black intellectual