Sold my bags to the girl I like so I can make it this year.

I gambled all my recently deceased father's inheritance in bitconnect

I make money, but I'm not happy.

Go fuck an escort. Get your fetish involved. You'll be happy for a week. Trust me. After bitconnect I went all in for neko

i laugh at people gambling it all away on crash casinos using martingale strats

i bought XRP

i made a few APPC shill threads during the crashening because i was pissed that i fell for APPC shill threads and lost all my money and i wanted others to lose all their money too

Sold half of my XLM for GAS instead of BNB.

please tell me your kidding

I'm really fucking angry that I got into crypto in December where my friend shilled me about it in August

Didn't sell my COLX at 10x :(

Lesson learnt there. Don't be greedy.


I was going to buy bitcoin and eth for 3 years ago but then my friends told me i was retarded and i missed. Never listening to anybody again

Your friends cost you millions. You should reconsider your friendships

I own a decent amount of Ven but i constantly fud it and shill Walton instead. Idk why i do this

Didn't sell brainlet chain at x6. Lesson learned.

I'm happy with 10% gains

i have a very diversified portfolio because i buy all of the chinese and ED shitcoins that Veeky Forums shills me

please forgive me lord since i cannot forgive myself

I sold a dip and when it immediately started going back up i FOMOed back in

Me too please forgive me father

Same here...

I'm on centrelink benefits (government pays me money) and i have just over 900k in crypto.

I sold my link before the dip and kept it in monero, monero turned out to be the only red coin in my blockfolio and link kept rising. Buyed my link at a loss and sold monero at a loss.

I subscribed to and commented on the videos of the Bitconnect Youtubers saying positive things about them with the hopes that they'd select me in their Bitcoin giveaways.

Pissed away like 140 ETH due to not pulling out of CoinMarkets

>buying that scamcoin electra

I bought a shitcoin when i had lost almost everything, thinking that it would tank i'll off myself with helium. Instead i gained 2.5 BTC. Now i don't know what to do with my helium bags.

Donate it to an user.

I have sold:





In total I have made literally about a thousand bucks from crypto.

What the fuck man

>bought 50,000 Tron at 120
>sold at 200

I was just early on everything, but never had the confidence to hold on to anything. Still don't. Ironically I was finally going to go into IOTA at 3 cents, but I got distracted and forgot about it. Low IQ maybe.

what's wrong with it?

Could have sold at 2000

Remember that what matters is making profit, no matter if it's small or big.

We have a winner...

Yeah, don't do this

I can't have that mindset, user. I beat myself up over unrealised gains

I keep buying more of my HODLs instead of diversifying into new projects and ICOs like I always say I will.

I unironically think a low a IQ is an advantage in this market

I bought VEN at $6 cause of FOMO

I swing traded 10k antshares last spring for $100 profit.

Yeah, how does this work out. Backpage ads put their search terms in images so you can't search for kinky ads. Are most escorts willing to do weird fetish shit as long as it isn't too far fringe (scat, blood, etc.)? How about piss? How far will the average escort go into the fetish realm?

Better late than never dude. It will most likely rise much higher than that?

I was pretty serious about a good deal of $11 eth until my Robinhood Veeky Forums long term friend off the wired convinced me out of it (TheMetalLord##sometriphere).

The wired?

its still probably the same price in satoshis

6 was right before the crash, so in the neighborhood of 50k sats

dont sweat it

I pissed away 43 ETH on Trig back in October.

I sold my Verge bag at loss 2 weeks before it mooned to the point where it would have been worth $60k for me.

I lost 65 NEO and my last 0.5 BTC getting liquidated cos I went long BTC with no stop loss at fucking $19200 on BFX.

think like a normie and win.

welcome to the tribe brother

you are absolutely right, but you need to be a stubborn retard, not a panicky one

Got amateur scammed out of 5 ETH in a chatroom ICO contribution (fake contribution address message). First time after being in this game for 8 months. Felt like a suck a noob lol.

It's still a bad habit and it will fuck me over fiercely sooner or later (hopefully sooner)

that is a nice luck you have there

same, now still holding on for a 3x and then getting the fuck out of that coin.

I put 90% of my life savings into crypto

>chatroom ICO contribution
Dude really

I am down $100,000

his friends cost him nothing - they thought they were looking out for him - he chose to not trust his own instincts

I'm signing up for a paid mentorship

i'm starting to hate my profession

I'm the purest anglo around, but i always larp as an indian because i want everyone to stop hating innocent australians and hate them instead.
Suprisingly it works very well.