Do you want to stay poor?

>hes not holding any of the holy trinity coins

how much req can moon? can i expect a 10x before summon or should u dump it and buy a shittier shitcoin?

At least $50 EOY 2018 is a pretty reasonable assumption

I have REQ but I lost hope at this point desu. Im still holding obviously but I dont even look at the chart anymore

Whoops meant to quote you.

time to dump it and buy more INT then

What if I'm all in on REQ?

How can you lose hope? Coin did a fucking x20 within 2 months.

Youll probably be just fine, though its nice to have a bit of diversification incase anything unforseen happens.

>buy a shittier coin
Are you implying REQ is a shitcoin?
Stay poor user
When the fuck did you get in? For most of us this is still at x5/x6

all coins are shitcoins, even btc.

I got in at 0.84. Pretty late I know, but I legit thought it was a great coin with a great project. Not sure anymore, but obviously Ill keep holding

QSP is a shitcoin, please stop associating it with the holy duo of LINK and REQ.

You're an ADHD moron. Sell now and buy TRX to satisfy your autism. Meanwhile I'll bask in my 20x gains from REQ.


you dont deserve them

You are retarded to think that.

LINK/REQ/QSP are the utility tokens that will power the world of smartcontracts in the future.

Everyones out there buyin cars, while I'm buying the roads, gas stations and oil refineries.

Stay poor!

If nothing else, QSP has been a bro just for the daytrading aspect.

Wow, can't you have long term decisions or have you the ol' autism?
Meh, not exactly a shitcoin, though I prefer Kyber.

Ill keep holding faggot, thanks

thata boy. youll be happy you did.

Obviously. As I said I like the project and the coin itself. I said I lost hope because this fucking coin just goes up and down constantly, and has yet to start a proper, steady growth. Obviously Ill keep holding though

The real trinity should be LINK/REQ/ENG

QSP is a dumb meme