Get in here, we moonin

>get in here, we moonin

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>I called this coin a week ago

why do you hate money?

Keep going. Almost got bingo

>the whales are accumulating

Moar info plox


>this is the next ethereum

> will be listed on Chinknance next month

>Green ID
>Green text
>Green Frog
>Green Potfolio

what fucking coin is this?

>green penis

>Once the devs remove those sell walls, we sre going to mars



> When this coin has as big of a market cap as bitcoin it will be worth 1000$

>I saw other people shilling coin X and Y, now i'll pretend that was me and tell them about coin Z.

>he doesnt know this coin

kek, all these stuffed pepe shots with "instagram filters" are shot on film. I like it

- /p/

it's on some insider exchanges
you don't know it? lol

>just found the next 100x

> will reveal first letter if trips

>posting these threads every day
What drives you?

>will have master nodes in the future

>this is my last warning

>it’s going to moon by February


> Super Smart Contracts on Dark Nodes

>solid dev team.

Very nice.

>shitcoin color
>shitcoin metal
>shitcoin gem


I'm about to buy one of these little fuckers. Getting shilled too hard.

>Shh, not done accumulating

>ichi cloud broken
>golden crossing
>solid fundamentals

>the ARK departs in 1 day

>the ark is sinking



>Genius Contracts on Quantum Nodes

> it's the "insert country" ethereum

>the vatican city ethereum

I have this fucking plushie, I fucking hate him now. All I can think off when I look at his dumb face is him making fun of memes when posting on Veeky Forums

>the whales are suppressing the price

Lol i just ordered my plushie

>partnership with Disney

>solves the Oracle problem.

> only sats matter

>not Satoshi's vision.

What is the Oracle problem?

>Nobody know, but apparently chainlink solves it.

>RSI indicates


>just HODL


Ay that's my OC someone saved it.
****Taking requests for new plush Pepe memes.****

sharpie in pooper

Plushie in da pooper


Absolute madman


Where'd you buy the plushie i want one too for the memes

Where to cop?

It's on Amazon join me in creating wonderful OC

I searched "pepe frog plush" and its not there