IOST airdrop: Free Money

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no, pajeet

will this coin actually go anywhere?

Get in here guys


OPajeet keep dreaming !

This is literally a fucking JOOST, you guys. xD


Used yours continue the train

I used yours fag. Hope you feel good.

3x waifus with this link:
let s keep going

you dont even need to verify your email with twitter? No wonder this thing is filled with bots.

Train end

keep it going

I'd get on board, but when's the airdrop event gonna happen though


thx, any link to it?
I used yours, someone use mine, thanks

plz, use mine

Used yours, here's mine


>I used yours, someone use mine, thanks
Used yours, here is mine:
Anons let make a train so everyone gets them shitcoins


Try this one too.


Keep the chain going fags

Nigger, get