Shill me Ethorse





Get in now or cry when the mainet dapp released this month.

this is an easy 10x in 2 weeks, even if they exit scam the dapp

not quire the shittiest of shitcoins but still a shitcoin.. Whitepaper reads like a teenager wrote it with basic understanding of betting and a GCSE in maths.

How is this any different from binary options?

10x are you nuts?

>call options dapp

You need more shilling than that?

very easy 10x from here

it's like a better version of etheroll

Also mkt cap is still only 20 mil. You're fucking retarded if you don't buy

Actually nah haha go ahead and buy chainlink instead since you enjoy not making money lmao


>implying pajeets know what a call is

yes, it doesn't even have a symbol on etd and it has a ridiculously small market cap.

at least 10x

Is an HORSE a athlete?

I hope you're right user. I only have 30k HORSE from ICO but 10x from here would be juicy. If only we had a proper exchange.

Have there been any announcements as far as this getting listed on any other exchanges soon?

not as far as telegram/discord goes no

thanks just bought 100k.

you idiots see 20 mil market cap + etheroll's stupendous growth but somehow think this won't 10x

you deserve to be poor

Just bought 1k of them. Could go up quite a bit.

Where are you guys storing these? MEW?

You are aware HORSE now has a larger market cap than DICE?

doesn't mean it can't moon still, faggot

The DICE team has disappeared since so of course, I'm talking about how big *their* market cap was then and how big the overall market cap was.

At their peak their market cap was >50M, total market cap was 100B and now it's 600B.

So the total market cap = 6x bigger today
and market potential is at least 2x bigger, thus actually 12x growth expected.

But that's if *only* comparing it to Etheroll, this game is a lot more fun than some fucking dice. Traders will hedge using this and anybody too dumb to day trade will as well.

It’s either going to be cryptopia or kucoin

I'm the OG horse shiller. I'm glad that I see a thread up without me making one. The reason I invested in ethorse was cuz they had a working product already, responsive team, unique idea and very low marketcap. Most of these things are still true so nothing has changed. They're also the first mover in this space. Their testnet is live and mainnet soonTM (prolly late jan or early feb)

this fucking absurd coin is why we need flags

Make another one, user. You make the best Ethorse shill threads. Also, where can I store these?