Omisego thread

Where are my lovely omisebro's at, dont hide in the shadows! SHOW YOURSELF

>Q1 Wallet SDK release,
>Q1 Staking
>Q2 Plasma

comfy as fuck

What a lazy TAU meme theft. Do better user. Thanks the TAU wizard 50x as a penance.

TAU made dis?

>i made dis

1k shrimp here

1k is pretty good.

Depends what the staking returns will be, could be enough i guess. It could be anything between 3usd to 100usd yearly in a few years

Price will still moon even if the staking doesnt return alot, i'm willing to sell it then. But until that day i'm holding hard

>green ID

See wizard staff. No problem omgbro, whats good for the goose

OMG the coin of 2018 and Veeky Forums does not deserve it.

Any user that is trying to make it out of the wagecuck life deserves it, imo.

Thanks just sold 100k

Im not selling either, i know omg will be four figures in 2019. I just meant that when we will reach that valuation, if the staking dividends are less than 7-8% i'll just sell my stack and move it to stocks.

Four digits is possible in 2019 but i wil be selling after the next huge bullrun, Wont be surprised to see omg hit $60-120 before may.

June 2018: $220
January 2019: $1,250

>inb4 btc explodes like you wouldn't believe, 10mil per btc
>every coin easily 5-6 figures
>omisego plummtes relative to btc but $usd still manages 4 figures

>'I... I called it!'

Can't say i didnt called it.

Then id be a sad millionaire. Also holding ETH and Ven

Yeah look at it this way, by user having 1k he's already in the top 2% or 3%

you stole my meme you faggot

What about 6k?

You made dis?

I made dis.
Yep, but thats not taking in consideration that omisego will be releasing alot of products. Moon will surely become a reality soon.

Out of the 550,000 wallets found on etherscan, literally 98% have less than 1000

i doubt you have the original psd tho xoxo