Update is out HOLY SHIT

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whats the update

Post link?


disappointing as fuck

We're fucked. It's nothing, sell now. They give out peanuts so other people do their job.



Nice I’ll get a chance to buy back in once this shit crashes

here we go guys



Why didnt you listen req tards ?


>this much FUD

Wait did people actually expect they'd announce main net?

you just don't understand what it is!?!?! Fucking underaged fags..
It will help the project to adopt new business and users n shit! It's big!! Very smart strategic planning

>pls we need partners here's our money

sounds good

No but surely more than 30 million in bubblecoins of funding over a span of 5 years

So why it going up if update shit

and down you go

Because people didn't read the entire shit and realized it was literally nothing. Expect 4900 sats within the hour.

thats EXACTLY how they should play it: nurture the ecosystem

Holy shit I love those guys, makes me proud Im from the same school as them

>Request Network will allocate $30 million (in REQ & ETH) over the next 5 years to the Request Fund.

>Amounts: $20k to $100k per project, paid out when pre-defined milestones are reached. Grants might increase for highly successful projects. These grants are intended to cover some of the costs involved so that anyone can build on top of Request.

its basically nothing

>No ICX partnership
prepare for a dump


Nobody cares you faggot we want money and sell the news

>make 500 million from tokens
>uhh heres a bit, do this for us

I thought the road map was pretty clear on the mainnet release. Why are people such pumping idiots.

>being this retarded

imagine being one of those mongs that bought immediately without stopping for a sec to read

Holy shit we're going to get REQT so fucking hard. Please mommy protect me from the red candles.

jesus christ this IQ

This just proves REQ is unproven garbage, a big fat gamble. Put your money on shit with real infrastructure.

i absolutely agree! This is smart, I trust the project and the leadership more! They are taking the right course


fud like this might have worked a month and a half ago but really why waste your time now?

Im an Android dev and I will take advantage of this opportunity


Enjoy holding bags for 2+ months while others go on moon missions

sure, sell it and buy back later at a premium

Never trust french people to do any work. Now they try to pay others to do their job (something like paypal is on that list. LOL)

why does everyone fud this coin so hard? is it because it gets shilled way too much on Veeky Forums? ive noticed the same thing happens to link as well

Biggest thing in here is that theyre hiring imo

Imagine being deluded enough to believe this, REQ is a fucking scam lol

lol. hey guys please do paypal 2.0 for us

If this is working out so great for you, why aren’t you a millionaire yet, faggot? Jesus Christ, this autistic board is full of impatient fucks!



>hey guys! we've done nothing the past two weeks and we're not even competent enough to develop our own shit so check out these sweet job offers

>tfw sold at the literal top


11:47:20 REQ/ETH Limit Sell 0.00061900 0.00061900 36,731

Enjoy the bags faggots

This is great news. They are stepping up their game and paying developers. This just went beyond github. Money will draw in talent.


French have top engineering talent and top industries.
I give you they suck at marketing, but a shit ton of invention and discoveries come from France on MANY levels.

Meant to quote this faggot, read

Meh. I'm not saying this update is anything to get excited over, but community development of blockchain tech is fairly common. There are probably a number of talented devs following this project who wouldn't mind pocketing an additional $20k in REQ which might be worth millions in the future. It's like taking a contract job at a startup where equity is part of the contract. Actually a pretty sweet deal.


sssold the news. wheres the bottom? any1 have an Idea or some TA

>outsource most of the shit and only pay out like penny change in crypto money

Lmao just buy OMG, REQ tards thought they could compete. Sad!

>Here is a first list of project ideas we would be keen to fund:

Mobile apps to create, detect, and pay requests
Invoicing apps (Paypal-like)
Point of Sale (Square-like)
P2P payment apps (Venmo-like software)
Crowdfunding apps (Patreon- or Kickstarter-like)
Online payments e-commerce plugins (WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento,…)
Payroll apps (Gusto-like)
Supply chain traceability
Accounting apps (Quickbooks-like)
Smart financial auditing algorithms
IoT platform integration (IBM Watson, AWS IoT, Azure IoT, etc…)
Factoring apps
Expenses (Expensify-like)
Virtual Reality payment integrations
Off-chain reputation systems
Crypto-currencies VAT/Tax payments

holy shit, what are they doing themselves?


Wow already 6% down.

literal blog sudoku



i really hope it doesnt dump at all just so idiots like you get fucked over

but deep down I know it will.

REQ never moons on these updates. For some reason it only moons between the updates.

congrats on this, seriously

Its so fucking perfect, they're smart

its already dumping retard lmao



I want to buy more REQ but I dont have any money and REQ is doing better than all my others.

I am so fucking glad most you are are completely fucking retarded and are selling. If this goes down more I can buy the shit out of it.

i repeat, imagine those who bought as soon as they saw the tweet

this wasnt the "literal" top you dingus, that was like over a week ago

this is BitConnect 2.0. Reeeeeeeequesssssssssst

At the low of the recent crash it hit .0000355 BTC. Before the crash it had a high of .00007220 BTC. Legitimately anything between there is a good buy, so take this as a purchasing opportunity while morons sell off.

Nice just increased my stack

That’s REQ, not LINK


the reddit brainlets are eating this up

>To be honest, when I got into Request I was only expecting it as a P2P or B2P payment system. Now the whole idea changed. This is a fucking eco system!


yeah I'm in since like 6 cents on a 60k stack so im just along for the ride at this point

Lmqo thats what killed DBC...

A new generation of bagholders here kek

What happened to releasing all these features in q1 ? This shit won't be relevant by 2019 by the time the outsourced jobs are done, other competitors will be finished.

Its going up again

Man, I've been in REQ since $0.13 but I'm sold all the way out for now. I really expected more from this update. Seems like they have no idea what they are doing and want people to help them do 30+ ideas instead of focusing on the core deliverables.

Fucker, REQ has already been tradable on Huobi for over a week, this is just rehashing old news (red flag).

dead cat bounce

People shitting on REQ update are litteraly brainlets

they dont understand its the best move they could make

with an ecosystem they're fucking unbeatable

How did I do boys? In hindsight I shouldn't have bought any back but I am super happy about those sells.

how about this one

"Good thinking. Imagine using Request to buy VR glasses in a real-world store, then taking them home, playing Decentraland and using Request to buy in-game items.




Bought at 5c and 6c soo I dont really give a fuck in for the longterm + just increased my stack

No it's not. They're paying literal pajeets to make the product for them instead of doing it in-house.

Anyone selling REQ at this price literally deserves to stay poor for life

pretty sure the core deliverables is what theyre doing themselves?

theyre incentivizing people to start working on the tree branches with up to 100 grand(which could be millions later on) in order to jump start it.

AND theyre hiring for their core team

people are so silly in crypto world man this shit takes time.

"i joined in january-hands"

Shits dropping hard right about now.

Do you know what "q1" means, brainlet?

atleast someone with a half brain. They haven't got a clue.

>plz do our work for us ! >muh ecosystem

Cant they hire profesional developers like normal crypto projects and deliver on their projects ?

Kek why does it need to be built on top of REQ which is unproven and not other working eco systems.

I just dumped my bags. I went in at 0.25. However I will be back soon, just waiting to increase my stack.

>the FUD in this thread

yeah thats u


>2 developers
>data analyst is a woman
>github has no relevant commits, check for yourself

Seriously, what did you expect? Stop investing in whitepapers.

Check em and get the fuck out now.

you're a fucking retard

decentralisation means you'll have one foundation dealing with the core features, and an organic ecosystem around

Its the new model that will take over the world. If you think corporations like paypal can compete once it takes off, you're in for a surprise. You still think like 20 years ago, or you're half retarded, hard to tell

Let me guess, you dont know shit about open source ecosystems