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how do you expect a fucking pump on shit news like that? This shits going nowhere

Ohh my, they are ambitious. This is going to pay off huge. Ill be paying for my gas using my REQ app by 2020.

Shitty news?
> 30$M fund for developing projects with RN to 2020
> Huobi listing
> New hirings

This is gonna be huge in April brahs

Nobody cares about 5 year plans in crypto. This update has no substance like the previous ones as well. Main net was shilled here today, instead we get some ideas about fund allocation for the future 5 years and 2 weeks of nothing. Wheres the code, wheres actual progress?

Guess people dont understand business. When you hear that Ford is opening a new factory and hiring 10,000 workers, thats a sign things are good. When Veeky Forums 12 year olds hear that, OMG, I THOUGHT THEY WERE GOING TO SHOWCASE THE 2019 FOCUS, FUCK THIS SCAMCOIN, SOLD.

Yeah, they don't care about news like that NOW. When the real poppening happens, only real shit stays alive

10 USD before April. 100% sure

They're literally paying for partners, this is extremely bad news

i'm selling, i'm done with this, how about release a product first before wanting to create an "eco "system.

Good please go sell. I need to buy more of this.

Sold at 0.00056 ETH, it's going back up now.

Why can't I do anything right? Why am I such a failure?

i'm selling, i'm done with this, how about release a product first before wanting to create an "eco "system.always sit out first dip

Why the fuck would you sell your REQ

The Request Network team has landed in Singapore. They will be working closely with us for the next few months to use our protocol to support more payment options for users on their network. This integration will allow users to seamlessly send or receive payments in a desired currency that differs from the sending or receiving currency, thereby increasing accessibility of the platform."


sooo kyber network is going to use REQ on the platform, isnt this good news?

People say the news is literally nothing. Can it please go down for a short while so I can buy back

I know your a brainlet that doesn't work in IT because you don't seem to understand that you first need a base system before you can deploy a product.

fucking retard brainlet LOL :D


He's selling, get ready.

hahaha the FUD campaign on REQ is hilarious

This update is GREAT FUCKING NEWS for those who can understand strategy

Who the fuck cares about obviously fake biz shilling?

Retards. Retards everywhere

Yes, they have a Partnership. That was public already for some time.

People want to dump a Y combinator backed project LOL. Do you guys need to be reminded that coinbase is also Y combinator backed and theres a high possibility of a partnership? ;)

The absolute state of Biz. I fully understand why people stay poor in crypto now.

What's going to take longer: release the mainnet and THEN start asking people to build the eco-system (months of development)


start the eco-system building early so when the mainnet is released, there are already dapps either complete or close to completion?

Think about it just for one second.

An equally retarded statement. Must be a pajeet.

One of the reasons Ethereum is so successful is because there are so many ICOs, dapps and platforms built on their system.

That's what Request wants to do. It will be the base platform for a whole range of dapps and platforms for financial crypto/fiat flows. Providing grants highly incentivizes this to happen at a rapid pace.

REQ will be one of the biggest gainers in 2018 by far, and given the strategy they are using, the pump will happen so quickly that anyone not in already will miss out. Just imagine mainnet release combined with a host of ready-to-go partnerships and dapps, all at the same time.

Well, it's disappointing because it's not material progress, but from a business perspective it means it's developing and growing at a healthy pace.

It's long term thinking, it's pretty good, it reinforces the notion that when 90% of crypto dies, REQ will stay alive.

I'm in heavy on REQ but i'm sick of people regurgitating this shite. Literally means FUCK ALL that they were both in YC

C-can it please go back to .00056 ETH for a few seconds so I can buy back? I panic sold and now I'm full of regret.

You retards are so fucking deluded, ot's not even funny. REQ is a big time gamble at this point, this has such weak fundementals but every retards deludes himself to FORSURE MOON

>panic sold

Oh user, when will you learn...

Seriously, stop looking at charts all day, go get a job and read the news at night, this way you still get informed and you have more money for crypto.

It kinda does, although there's no certainty yet over how the connection will be utilized.

Y Combinator naturally wants both of its investments to be highly successful. However, Request is in some respects a competitor to Coinbase, as it will eventually make fiat/cash transactions much easier.

Logically it's therefore better for Request, Coinbase and Y Combinator to find a way to work together where they can all benefit from each other.

I strongly think we'll see some kind of integration or partnership between Request and Coinbase at some point in the future.

will REQ ever surpass 1$?

Yeah it will very likely surpass $1 in Q1

It already did, retard. And it will again. And it won’t stop there.

Never, sell your bags now.

Xlm is doing that with fair x , req is useless admit it.

>comparing XLM and REQ

You have no idea what you’re talking about. Admit it.

Didn't know XLM automated accounting,invoicing and auditing...

Oh wait they don't and you didn't even realize they target completely different markets.