Hate this coin. Sold my entire position. Falling like a brick for more than half a year. Can't take it anymore.

>long term hold
>sells at one of the lowest possible points instead of buying more

Shut the door on the way out.

Let me guess you value your alts against usd and not btc.

ya gotta wait until they buy back tokens to realise profits nignog. They buy back every quarter based on profits made through the platform which are going to increase exponentially now that tiers have just been opened for pretty much every country.
Buy your shit back silly.

Sub ico in both btc and eth. Hate it with passion. So many gains missed holding this shitcoin

have a look at Hedge
all the information is scattered around that's why it is under the radar
Planning on launching their beta platform in Q1, Q2 full platform release

Just compare them to Iconomi and then look at Market Caps

love the idea of icon, any other cryptos like this besides hedge? am binance cuck

Hedge will never be released on binance since they are launching their own exchange and a listing on binance is about $150,000
Your missing out on a lot since coins only reach binance when they mooned already

The stupidest part is that icn is trading under book value, and they have working product so everyone kept saying it's just a matter of time it pumps, but instead it kept falling and falling. It fell from 11. on cmc to 104 in a year. Facking shitcoin

but BMC is another coin that is kind of similar but doesn't even come close to Hedges potential in my opinion

im learning this the more time i spend on biz. i'm competent enough to send / receive ERC20 from MEW to / from my ledger, would i be able to use etherdelta without fucking up?

icn has managed funds which have proven to be worse than automatically managed funds.
On top of that, the fees are higher.
Maybe you can trick retards but you will never target bigger investors with such a strategy.
Also, as far as I know, there is no way to invest in those funds with fiat?

yikes.. that's quite the fall, it seems like a great idea with a working product, but no PR?

Shill me on this coin. Whats its business model?

ICN =! Iconomi you dumb fuck

Managed funds

sold it on the first moon back in summer of 2017
it was going nowhere really

The scamcoin model

yes you dumb nigger, ICN , its highest position on cmc was 11

so then what exactly is ICN? if its not Iconomi?
Teach me please

he's confusing ICX with ICN

It's a platform where anyone can build a fund of different coins in which people can invest, and you as a manager charge management fee for it. It's great idea and they have it work already. People pays fee and they buy and burns icns with this fee. It's great on paper but icn keeps falling so I'm out for good

Yes. What else could it be? Check the thread title