He's coming back

you know what that means?

250k coins of mtgox holders are going to be hitting the exchanges

they bought in

I love this guy for his RO private server contributions

>tfw he's a Chad billionaire now

>Karpeles gets his bitcoin released to him
>walks out of the court house a free man
>a golden lamborghini pulls up with his best friend Roger Ver driving
>Karpeles gets in
>Ver asks if hes ready?
>Karpeles nods

You guys have no idea whats going to happen this year. The pent up rage of billions worth of USD in bitcoin is about to be unleashed.

wew, lock up your cats lads

Nope. They get the USD AMOUNT in btc that they had then. So if 1 btc was 1100 then, they get .1 now. And he gets to keep all the rest.

250k coins will be sold OTC to Novogratz and all his billionaire buddies. Only a retard like Ver would dump thousands of coins in this illiquid market

Wait a minute. Is Mark actually going to still be filthy rich after fucking up so monumentally? Didn't they take everything from him including private holdings?

Holy fuck. When will this be happening? the fatso still owes me some buckerinos

Just the funds they knew about

or a retard kept reloading his hot wallets while hackers stole the coins?

They paid back investors in yen at the old valuation of bitcoin, so around $300 per BTC. Karpeles keeps what remains. He's sitting on literal billions worth of Bitcoin now (and hundreds of millions of Bitcoin Cash for that matter).


Why would they do it that way. Why not make him give back the BTC?

So you're saying by mt.gox going down he effectively forced everyone to sell to him. except he only needs to pay them years later.

Is this the most profitable long position someone has ever taken?

Is it known why they handle it this way? Why wouldnt the judge make him pay everybody the maximum possible amount from currend stacks.
I personally had money on gox when shit crashed. Not a lot but who knows what it would be now. Maybe it was a few BTC I dont even remember

fucking fuck

Leaving coins on mtgox was about as dumb as investing in bitconnect. The people who lost coins deserved it! This is the wild west niggaz

If you were trading it was one of the only options back then

He might be rich but believe me he wont sleep good. I bet he is paranoid as fuck. He has to fear for his life.

is there a bounty placed on his head?



I just looked it up. Turns out if I ever wanted to see my 2013 coins again I would have needed to file a claim a year ago

So I check my old emails and see theres an email informing me about that IN MOTHERFUCKING JAPANESE. Of course I disregarded it as some spam back then

And the fat fuck degenerate is only allowing people who filed a claim to log in and check their old balance

tldr; I just realized I still had likely multiple BTC on there and missed the deadline to claim them


What the hell is this trickery.They know damn well who they own how much. they just fucking decided to be sneaky about it and wait years to inform us IN JAPANESE in ONE EMAIL.


holy shit, he doesn't look like a pedophile anymore

the real operation dragon slayer

Hahaha same thing happened to me

Shut up u newfag u dont know shit.

How much did they fuck you out of?

The fat cunt needs to suffer. It would have been trivial sending multiple emails for a while. It also would have been easy to just send the balances etc by email.

this dude is such a scam it's impressive.

There was also an email in English kek

This is the real Satoshi.