What is the most expensive thing you bought with crypto cash?

what is the most expensive thing you bought with crypto cash?


>actually using my crypto

Nigga, it's the other way around, I only buy crypto, I never cashed out.

Bought a 200€ Monitor for my Dualmonitor Setup to have more screenspace while trading.
My ATH was around 35k, now stand at 23k.

Mazda 2 but not brand new. 2018 will be the year I cash out most of my crypto. I'm getting paranoid over that bubble thing.

A 34“ Curved Gaming Screen

Bought my phone for 0.7

Bought weed, MDMA and black tar heroin from silk road in about 2013. The BTC equivalent is probably fucking shocking.

Aside from that I recently cashed out some gains to pay for a backpacking trip round India which I'll be going on in a few weeks, so probably that I guess.

3x Intel Xeon E5-2699

$400 Dyson Heater. If I can't be comfy then what's the point.

spent a few gs on 3d printers. they payed off after 3 months.

>they payed off after 3 months.



1000 hits of LSD... in 2013 BTC

200 modafinil pills for 0.3BTC or roughly 250 dollars at the time

1/10 ounce krugerrand

A OnePlus 5.


Macbook Pro 13" 2018 (planning to get at least).

Also, visiting Dubai next month.

Pound of cali grass

Paid $7000 in student loans

Paid off the remainder $90k on my student loans.
I just wrote a $4k check so my poorfag dad can replace his work vehicle.

In Germany new computer hardware, watercooling, exclusive stuff at caseking.
I was looking for a Phone but found nothing. someone got a shop who delivers to Germany?

Ledger nano s

~1.5btc on antminers


>backpacking trip round India
send m your remaining cryptos you wont be needing them anymore


What happens when you buy one of these, but later get a qt 3.14 gf who moves in with you. What the fuck do you do with it? How do hide such a thing. What if she finds it? Do you just get rid of it? Will anyone buy it used?

you wont be needing a qt 3.14 gf anymore

Until we have fuckable realistic robots with lifelike AI, no. It won't replace the need/desire of a real GF.

You do like that guy from that House Md. episode, who told his girlfriend about his doll and screwed everything.

I've watched that show, but not from start to finish. Will have to sometime. Haven't seen that episode, though.

Oh, shit, maybe I have seen it. Been some years since.

It is one of the last episodes, probably you never saw it.

I watched it out of order and didn't have DVR at the time. The netipot is what fucked him, right?

Access to those retarded "download slow and watch ads or pay 30 bucks for ultraspeed+ access!" file sharing sited. Had some good porn tho, totally worth $4000.

A hot ass Nintendo switch

Apart from more crypto
Drugs and getting ripped off on Deep Web


Can we get more of these, I kek'd slightly.

A 600$ tent


experience of joy and despair


Imaginary magical coins before some the dip

Unironically a burger in early 2017.

Cities skylines for 0.2 ETH back when ETH was cheap, now it would be $200 USD Wew.

A lot of people bought bags of weed for hundreds of bitcoin back in the day
kinda funny to think about it now


3D printed another 3D printer, refound the one he bought

Thanks bought 100k

I bought a biz lizard for like 5 bucks worth of LTC before it mooned. That 5 fucks is like 15 bucks now baka

I spent 15 bucks on some strings and beads. I know how the 10k btc pizza guy feels now

checkout what my brother gifted me from his bitcoin money :DDD :O

adidas ultraboosts

I see that cat has been well trained to eliminate manchildren

4.3 octave marimba

Somone post the screencap of the guy getting tired lifting his doll.

Motorcycle license and a 47hp motorcycle. Cost me aroud 8k$ in total. Best decision ever