The state of Veeky Forums

this board as we know is mainly the anons who made the migration /b/ to /pol/ to Veeky Forums. recently redditors have migrated here as they have everywhere else we know this but they tend to assimilate quickly.

most people who have now settled here from pol are people who are driven, open minded and relatively intelligent. the reason why we all left pol is because of the smut and obvious controlled opposition posting. every now and then we see this here and its becoming more and more frequent.

(((they))) are posting idiotic smut on this board and at least 50% of defeatist posts which now include and i put in caps for attention DEFEATEST POSTS FEATURING HALF OR NAKED WOMEN OFTEN IN RELATION TO YOUR ALLEGED AND THEY ALLEDGE SEXUAL INABILITY THIS IS THE SAME STYLE OF POST WHICH PLAGUES /POL/ TO DISHEARTEN THE AVERAGE /POL/ACK thus pressing you into thinking you are not good enough or not manly enough and youre probably wrong during dips. (((they))) are purely trying to get you to sell so the graphs drop below the current low to trigger the horoscope fibonacci traders. (((they))) want to drop the price of BTC and others in order to crash the market in order to buy cheap.


i am not at all saying AAAAAAAAAAAAA threads and pink wojaks are from (((them))) that meme is actually a good way of laughing off the pain of hodling in dips.

I will post this thread daily during large dips. buy it.

self bump. theres been heaps of these demorilizing or even just distracting posts lately. stay strong.

alot of threads simililair to mine are being made to now. we need to bump all these threads


I wish I had more to bump with, but thank you for this post. They are obviously watching us, but I don't think they understand us yet. Also, that jew posting all of those ref links is a real cocksucker.

ive seen that too. lately they've been posting and especially today they've been posting hooker related nonsense. people on this board want to talk about coins and investments not wasting money on hookers and stupid depraved shit. to be successful at this you first have to realise that being wasteful and distracted gets you nowhere.

this is obvious demoralization against us and i urge everyone to hodl as im sure you are.

Let me just say I'm really happy that alot of /ourguys/ are earning money thanks to Veeky Forums. I wonder how many millionaires we have at this point.

Oh yes, I am a good goy.

Nice, just bought 100k ;)

Reported for Nazi sympathizer

>recently redditors have migrated here as they have everywhere else we know this but they tend to assimilate quickly.
>spacing your paragraphs
You need to go back

i want that number to continue to grow, ((((they)))) will pay for what theyve done to Europe and what theyre trying to in other western nations

shut up and make your internet money. That's what this board is for. All else is polution. If you want to talk politics and don't like pol, go to infinitychan.

4k NEO-Nazi here. Will be millionaire this year. Plan on taking fight to (((them))) with my money. I dont come as a liberator...but as a conqueror.

You were off to such a good start, migrated from /pol/ and /b/, open minded, then you had to jump in with the (((they))) shit. Yes a disproportionate amount of banker cunts fucking the world are Jewish, but that doesn't mean there's a Jewish cabal, there's plenty of Anglo banker cunts, they all worship the god of globalist tyranny, you people and your Jews, watch Seinfeld they're not all bad.

then why did the bible call it "the synagogue of Satan"

t. shlomo shekelsteinbergowitz

Hitler would never have approved of crypto you god damn cucks. Hell, everyone asking how to avoid taxes would be strung up for crimes against the authorian state.


But really there's a lot of white people fucking you so hard and you give them a pass when you say it's all Jews, youre falling for (((their))) devisive tactics, stay plebian.

Please, OP. If anything you are the newfag here. Crypto was banisherld from /g/ so they made Veeky Forums to contain the bitcoin posters.

Everything was comfy and nice, stocks was nice until /pol/ showed up and brought their edgy newfag boomer posters followed. As we all know /pol/ is the cancer, the poison that destroys boards, Veeky Forums is no different when /pol/ showed up, things are getting worse.

So ask yourself OP why Veeky Forums is bad, and leave this board.

prostitution and pimping is a valid biz topic. we need to post hookers to get a sense for the merchandise.