Ok anons, let me tell you about one of the best new coins out there: SingularityNET. The token is created by an existing company called Hanson Robotics, which is already forming huge partnerships. Their product is already working. Only 130m circulating supply which would put it at an 111m market cap. Their volume on etherdelta alone is 5m which is in less 14 hours since tokens only got unlocked 14 hours ago.

>Implying I haven't known about this since the whitelist ended and don't have a huge stack already

>tfw you realize you're one of the first 4500 people in the World to hold AGI

Goddamn I feel good.

bought on ED.
How far will this go? To Uranus or further?

$10 by april

How the fuck did people here invest if you live in US. I highly doubt there's no accreddited investors here

look at the total supply u fucks, u will be getting justed

already to expensive

maybe buy in march

yeah, go buy some Canya

Its up on Etherdelta...

Accredited investor. Maxed out cap. 10x my investment already. Feels good.


Wish Id been able to get more but not doing bad since I only got back into crypto in Novermber

Their OpenCog project (same team), has over 25k commits on github. More promise than just about any other new token out there.

>130m circulating supply
...right... don't check CMC, anons, there's not a billion tokens, no no no...

Can’t even find it on ether delta. Anybody have success buying it there?


can't find it either

nevermind it's on Tidex
but I'm just spectating anyway

>being this new

How do you find out about upcoming ICOs? If you dont mind, please share the secrets.

>Implying CMC is god and knows everything

There are multiple ICO sites reviewing them.

Why haven’t you bought /her coin/ yet, Veeky Forums? Do you hate money?

Veeky Forums hates money

Speaking of being an accredited investor, how do we abolish this fucked up law?

Don't know. It really is bullshit. Only the already well off have access to highest returning investments, under guise of protecting the little guy. It needs to go.

very tempted to sell my bnty stack and put $4K into this coin. think it would 2x from here by mid-february?

DBC went 30x ICO before coming back down. This just went from 5 to 10x ICO in the first day. So, probably.

yeah whatever I'm just lurking here mostly I don't trade, but a friend who works in AI told me about SingularityNet so I wanted to follow up on how it's doing and if it's being shilled on Veeky Forums

Cindicator breh

And DBC is still at 8x ICO.

i just need to come up with $10K by february 15th. worried that my $4k in bnty will be suppressed by whales the entire time since it's only on kucoin.

Surprise I haven't seen this thread here a month plus ago.

etherdelta is worse than jews goddamn what a piece of shit

Tbh I was already invested in Numeraire because I liked the idea of blockchain meets AI. I then used the internet to research further.

use 60+ gas on all your transactions and you wont have any probs unless you're braindead. the etherdelta smart contract is ridiculously easy to use.

What was the ico price

10 cents

Hello, ico brother. I made 30,000 dollarydoos today :)

i did the most horrible fomo possible - buying literally the 2nd sell order put up on etherdelta for 7x ico

it immediately dropped to 4x and made me feel like shit. feeling pretty good right now though

i cant find this shit on etheredelta what a trash site

Buy on Tidex.