Post your folio!

Post your folio!
What shitcoins are Veeky Forums hodling?






Important question:

Have any of you guys with mega stacks made plans for your dealing with your crypto succession in case you die suddenly. Any of us could die in a car crash tomorrow.

Personally I just gave the first half of my private key to my sister and the other half to my cousin, both of whom I trust. I didn't tell them how big my stack is, I just told them they can split it between them in case I die suddenly. I didn't even mention the stuff I have on exchanges because I never have more than 20k on them at a time so It's not a big deal if it's lost forever.

Nice meme profile. 10/10 you will be jacking off guys in a car park in 2 months for 5 dolla

I've made arrangements

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When did you start and how much did you invest in coin?

Started with bitcoin in 2013 when it was around $50, but lost it all to that FUCK Karpeles during the Mr. GOX hack. Found out about Ethereum early 2016 and decided to give crypto another go. Invested around $15k

Do you have any advice for my portfolio? People talk about diversification but I don't know how much I should diversify with 24k.
Is there a new strategy once you hit 100k, 500k or 1M? I am curious about whales.

Any recommendations?

All of this besides ETH thanks to q9xXVCC

literally follow signals blindly

I think ETH is a safe buy for 2018. Also take a look at vibe... it's much more risky, but they have a solid team with solid big player partners. They're about to take part in Monster Technologies Super Bowl commercial + talks about partnering up with Universal Music (just rumors). I'm a VR nut so I think VR/AR will be MASSIVE big in the future, but it might flop for all I know. As always invest what you can afford to lose.


Youre gonna make it bro

Fuck stellar fairx better make this piece of shit do something

LINK 50%
ARK 27%
RLC 10%
IOC 13%

rounded for trading portfolio, then have less than half of that in bitcoin and bitcoin cash paper wallet, though I'm not sure if I should end up putting that paper wallet into long term hodls or different coins. Any advice Veeky Forums? I'm thinking of Omega One in the summer

put in around $125 mid December, i'm trying to pay for my dads funeral (hes terminal)

bastard, pic didn't attach

I had about €21,500 before this last crash, still waiting for my shitcoins to recover.
Pretty confident they will though.

>100% CND

I picked a coin with a low market cap to go all in on in the dip.

Advice for another low market cap coin to go in on? I started with around $250 a few days ago and I'm at about $600

LINK 60%, XLM 25%, ETH 15%

>tfw never gonna make it

vibe will make you rich

When your portfolio is this small you HAVE to go all in on a shitcoin to ever make it. Your ETH and XLM will never get you over $1000 user. If you want to make it please heed my advice.
>t. guy who started with $200 and is now at $7500

Have fun being poor


Actually a good folio for once

Thanks for advice user

My mother knows where to find my keys. Nobody else.

Gotta start somewhere

Please don`t dump on me


>your safe long term investments wont make u rich, here user put them in high risk short term scams


> BTC at 16K

Try again, faggot.

0.5 NEO doesn't make sense - you must be holding it on exchange. Either sell or buy another 0.5 NEO

what do you think fellow biztards, am i gonna make it?

Testing the waters, getting my sea legs and putting 20 bucks in everything


Started with $1k. Had 120 ETH at one point and over 200 NEO, but you live and learn.

I actually have to re-organise my portfolio. I've been changing stuff right before this dip. Also, some altcoins are a gift.

One of these coins could make me millionaire (if I could invest 2k, money that I don't have).


Holding tron since 0.004 cents



Thinking of dumping 1 BTC for NEO instead, I don't have much confidence in BTC right now.

I would sell your TRX if I were you.

The rest is in XLM

I keep 2 strong HODLs and 2 coins that I have faith in for going 2-5x in Q1. HODL=eth and req. for big gain coins i had DENT and UFR, but sold all my DENT for more UFR bc its gonna hit more exchanges soon and the price is gonna rooooooocket.

Holdings high to low:


Am I gonna make it?

Will I make it?

Is TRX going downhill ?

can you make it any more obvious you faked your portfolio? lol fucking retard