Legit have put myself in a predicament

Legit have put myself in a predicament.

Earning 93K at new job (which isnt that much in retrospect). Problem is the manager has an issue with letting us go home on time. I have even offered to start earlier which makes my day stretch out to 10 hours and this problem is still continued.

Th other day he said to start earlier and I can go home on time yet we are back to square one and still makes me stay back. Ive only been at this place for 2 months so far and he loves to troll the living shit out of everyone, myself included. He also said we cant leave until we see him before we leave but sometimes he has even given himself an early mark and we waste half an hour trying to look for him.

Im try not taking this home but it seems to be effecting my personal life. Should I just quit the job or should I set a meeting up with myself, him and the boss and discuss the issues? or would that get me fired?

I would set up the meeting and lay out everything like you have here. Dude sounds like a faggot.

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.tt someone who works earning £40k a year and we make our own schedules. You clear work at mcdonalds to be micromanaged

what field are you working in?

Expect to get your ass fucked from now until eternity unless you do something about this. Check your contract and lawyer up if necessary.

40k? Big money for someone who's literally retarded. Your parents must be so proud.

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yep thats the plan

I plan on it, im thinking of even just saying to him, if i dont see him around the time im about to finish then im walking out then if he escalates it ill set up a meeting. does this sound logical?

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Dude that's chick shit you're planning there.

>avoid the problem if I can
>if I can't avoid it, then I'll deal with it

Just set up the meeting asap. Be prepared for them to disregard your complaints and schedule though. Didn't you ask in the interviews how long you'd be working on average? If they lied to you there, then you have something you can work with.

how the fk is 40 even close to decent?

Do you have some sort of mental disability?

Turn up when you're contracted to turn up, leave when you're contracted to leave.

Submit professional complaint against manager if he fucks you around and any lack of correct action by CoC you submit lawsuit. Simple.

In addition to what everyone has said here and assuming that recording conversations with him is not an option, try to steer relevant conversations towards email, so you have a record of what he said.

My dad always says, only dogs have a owner.

Get some self respect en look for an other job. Meantime just make the hours you are paid for.

it really depends on what the expectations were when you got hired and what the job responsibilities are. I assume you're exempt and don't get OT.

were you told when you were hired that you'd need to work 50 hours a week? are you filling the whole time with work or sitting around doing nothing because he won't let you leave? if you don't have work to fill the extra time, I'd say fuck him and take it to HR, keeping you there is wasting company money.

if you are filling the whole time with work and still have piles of work to get through, then that's not so simple. you'll need to decide how bad you want the job and if it'll help your career. if it doesn't help you, then you can think about having a sit down with him or finding a new job. if they told you you'd have to work extra hours when you took the job, then it's on you.

you've obviously never had a professional job, you're probably a retail cuck yourself.

Genuine question, where do you live famalam? Obviously not OP but I live in Netherlandistan. Plebty of manual labor wagies here are doomed for minimum wage labor their entire life. My parents are a nurse and a dry cleaning employee (?) and both earn minimum wage or close to that. Together they earn roughly 45k including paid time off and shit and will prbably be earning that the rest of their lives. How good/bad does manual labor pay where you live and how does their wage grow as they get older?

Wage cucks disgust me.
>muh salary means I can let some Jew tell me to stay an extra 2 hours a day at the office!
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Do you really think 40k is an un liveable wage? Sure aim to be making more but if it’s early in his career you autists need to realize very few people make 80k+ at their first job unless they live in Jew York. You guys don’t actually think the work that you do matters do you? Kek wagies have convinced themselves they are winning slaving away for shekelstein SAD.

Do you live off of crypto gains, then? How do you survive without working?

Just say "ayup mate, I'm off, have a nice evening, tra!!"

If he says "you wot m8? get back to work"

Just say, "I've finished, see you tomorrow"

You do your hours, and yeah, if he's being a bully go see the big boss. You have a contract, so long as you follow that theres nothing he can do however much he blusters.

I think my job is alright
I have to be there 40 hours, sure, but can get in between 6 and 9 AM. Decent pay, too. Honestly don't know what I would do if I didn't go to work.

kek theres me on 12k a year, not even retarded as well.

Eyyy me too bretheren, and I'm in Japan where it's not even legal to be that low.

Unless you work in an industry/position that directly benefits your community or the world defining yourself by your career is Bugman tier beta cuckoldry. I live off crypto gains, and peddling some weed here and there if I feel like it. I tried the corporate wage cuckoldry for awhile and after realizing how useless most jobs are and that 90% of people filling those positions have no idea what they are doing and just obtained them through friendships or seniority I got sick of some shabbos goy telling me what I have to do to make some board of directors a bunch of money.