The next Bitconnect?

>No KCS dividends for 3 days
>Can't transfer out half my coins
>Possible Kubi/Kucoin link

Is this exchange about to JUST us Veeky Forums?

I made a killing on DBC and DENT thanks to Kucoin, but now I'm petrified I'm going to lose all my holdings when this exchange goes under overnight. I'm so fucking anxious right now.

Someone convince me Kucoin is not about to MtGox us.

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They suspended their referral program too. They desperately need to secure those fees for whatever reason. They must be in a bad spot.

withdrawals work fine for me

Same. All I have moved is eth though.

If I have 5 KCS,how much dividends do I get and where do I check that?

Forgot this.

I hate referral spam so this kind of makes me happy, but it worries me this came unannounced.

Feeling in my gut says they've been hacked and are trying desperately to cover their losses.

I lost my first BTC fortune when Cryptsy was 'hacked' in a similar way....can't fucking sleep at night thinking the same will happen on KuCoin very, very soon

> tfw you spent $100 on ads to promote your ref link
> tfw not a single cent dropped into my acc from 20 refs
> tfw Kucoin shuts the ref program completely
You fucking fuck
Scams everywea

Better reinvest cuckcoin holdings into payfair/coss. People already made x10-x100 there, so now it's going nowhere. Also all the coins they added turned out to be useless.

BTC is going up again so they are probably not exiting for now. Cuckcoin shares are very ponzilicious though. Probably why they are bleeding in the first place.

Owned 1350 when i actually believed in their scheme, only got ~0.25$ daily despite the price and volume being double what it's now

You've been.... Thunder Kucked!!!! whooooooooa baby Thunder Kucked

Thx. I will wait until some recovery and sell that shit

The tears overfloweth my cup.

Oh yeah, I just realized Binance going back up halved their volume. They just might exit, the madmen.

you're a faggot

they did this to me

i was waiting 3 days for a withdrawl

interestingly i just had to move more from kucoin today so if it takes 3 days to send eth again im never gonna use the site again

is this you? >If so: well played.

But yeah, it's in crypto, so unless proven otherwise, it might still be a scam.

Withdraw worked, 600+ PRL

>mfw i liquidated all my alts into eth last weekend and transferred it to my trezor

OP is a fudder trying to get kcs for cheap. Quit falling for his tricks.

same, I have had no problems transferring money off Kucoin.

Na I still have a few $1000 sitting in KCS at the moment. Don't want to sell yet because I'm down overall on that exchange.

But if the whole thing goes dark, I'll regret not cutting my losses and running