VeChain to develop the digital currency of China

> Still, a person no less than Zhou Xiaochuan, the longest-serving governor in the Chinese central bank, has himself announced that the People’s Bank of China itself is studying the feasibility of developing its own digital currency.
> “China will be the first major country to launch a central bank digital currency in 2018,” said Chun Yin Cheung, a partner in PwC China’s risk assurance practice. “Although cryptocurrency exchanges were banned from China in September, the country has always taken a positive attitude toward central bank digital currency and blockchain, actively carrying out relevant research.”

Take this + PBoC rumor + a PwC guy's statement in the article ... VEN is going to take over the crypto world.

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Holy shit.

My body is ready for this. Give it to me, Sunny Lu!


how the fuck does this imply VEN at all dude

Chun Yin Cheung (PwC guy in the article) was attending this meeting with VeChain lately: ... connect the dots

VeChain has multiple contracts with state owned institutions in China and with the government itself. VeChain has been featured lately in CCTV. Coca Cola Kid called PBoC rumor weeks ago and he wasn't wrong once yet.

Go all-in on VEN or stay poor, your choice.



I think VeChain will be used for QR code clearance by the PBOC and hell probably some other stuff.

I think anyone that thinks they will launch their own digital currency on VeChain is a fucking insane asshole. Utility is one thing but a Central currency WILL be on it's own chain.

Calm down. It won't moon until our Chinese overlords say so.

>tfw the recent crash missed your buy order by 20 sats.
That's 150 VEN down the drain, fuggg...
I'm never swingtrading VEN again.

Holy fuck what is that


God of wealth. i think its the bronze statue on CCK's tweet.

it will be a chain off vens blockchain


Should I sell my ripple for ven? I was hopping it would pump again before I had to

Fuggin saved

should have done that 2 days ago when it dipped to 3,6 usd per vechain

probably +-0 because ripple mooned too


>vechain is a Singaporean based company

this whole thing smells of fabrication and bullshit, why would a company from overseas be granted his much power in developing in china?

I grew up in china, there is no way the chinese government is going down this route.

ching chong ching chong ding dong

Because xi jinping has been trying to create more accountability in his party since day one.

There are many benefits to a one party system
But also downsides. Vechain is a solution. A trustless one. Of they use an external trustless solution which they have heavy stakes in its perfect. An internal one may still be questioned and manipulated by government.

Yea this. The ratio hasn't changed. In fact ripple has recovered better than vechain so I haven't missed out.

For ensuring overseas product accountability is fine using third party, cause it is after all non chinese products. For vechain to create a currency for china? this is fantasy.

to add to that, they're compiling a list of people visiting on their twitter? probably trying to pump their product.

on top of that, the coca cola kids twitters links to the Veeky Forums image board...

this stinks of marketing to idiots throwing their money away, they did the same think with tron to market to indians and chinese.

VeChain was part of BitSe which also created Qtum. BitSe was from and based in China.

VeChain made a split from BitSe at some point and after which they started getting all of these connections and pathways open to them. They are based in Singapore because of the China things going on for the past few months but their origin company is Chinese.

Current theory is VeChain is a state owned company in all but name because they want non-Chinese businesses to use it.

>being secretly state owned
I dont even know where to begin correcting this. If its a big secret they would never allow major services to be built using vechain, people will quickly figure out its a chinese company, and then what? non-chinese entities stop using it? dont make me laugh

WTCuck trying hard.

i have no idea what that even means. But i know what you're trying to do.

reaching for that 52

Literally heard this for EVERY blockchain project coming out of China for the past year.

THIS information has been out the entire fucking time Vechain has been on exchanges and you fuckin idiots are only now doing the research which allows you to see why this is the biggest project of 2018 and will make everyone invested crazy rich.

I have no doubt in my mind PBoC and China will be using Vechain. For PBoC a chain running on Vechain tech is most likely. You know what that does to the price of Thor for all those who have nodes or a decent amount of VEN? Yeah. Get in.

i sold...

How much more do you need? You got strength node.

I hold ven, but this.

pboc was a long shot

It's secretly state owned in the sense that they have all of the authority nodes and a large amount of Ven after that allowing them to control every vote.


So Breyer, who is best buddies with chinese bankers, and is married to a chink CEO, just HAPPENED to buy VEN a couple weeks before this type of announcement.


How much would a 10k VEN node pay out?

I've got like 16 relax nigga

8 thor a day

then again if pboc DOESNT go with vechain, it doesnt even get dumpstered, it still has all its rfid and kickass shit

I wish I didnt need to chase moon missions with part of my stack, otherwise I would be all in

bought back and now i have 20 extra ven, y-yay

wait a couple years and they will be worth $500-1000 each, don't be sad user you made a fantastic choice for a long term hold, even with a small amount of money


Too scared to swing trade.

Only need to double 2 times then i can buy rest with fiat.

Scared to swing trade this tho its getting hot.

The funniest thing is if PBoC is true that he’s basically doing an inside trading, but no one gives a fuck cause crypto is not regulated.
Breyer is like ez life ez money

these types of decisions are made months in advance before the public is notified, but the signals exist in the wild if you know what to look for

I think breyer showing his crypto holdings is a little too bold if this is what is actually going to happen, but who knows

I got in at 2 dollars with everything I could afford. Its up to fate now. Just gotta wait

That typically means news soon. Or it just might be getting too close to ATH.

to me it looks like we are waiting for news

vechain whales back with the 100btc sell walls

no moon mission today

>1min graph


Why the fuck do they always delay the mission?

Soryy, im glueless. Im enjoying myself tho and definitely holding.

maybe cause mooning before the rebrand would be pointless

I’m VEN/ICX/NEO so this is fine haha

Welp, I'm a third world poorfag. All in an just 160 VEN here. Feels bad and good at the same time.

Think we’ll see 43-45k sats again?

HOLY SHIT, are we going to make it bigly?

25k VEN here

yes, just go to sleep and when you wake up it will be 45k

stop larping you dummie if you bought that much you already know the answer

millionaire in pestos or whatever

Lol wish i could say 45k and my buy order would fill.

Get a load of this retard who can't do his own research. Stay poor then faggot.


shut up bitch I just like to hear it from my VEN brah. go fuck yourself.

Dead center. The guy is dead center.

be quiet faggot child, adults are talking

Looks like the current ceiling is 53k. Wonder when we'll breakthrough.

You just made an enemy

be quiet faggot child, adults are talking

go jingle your 20 ven bag

Wednesday at the latest. Facebook stream of DNV and VeChain.

Highly possible we break it with the next news set.

word of advice, STFU

Yep. Maybe until next news item or presser with DNV?

I’m hoping it drops down to 43-45k i want to pick up another 4k.

Think we’ll get that dip?

When the rebranding comes to Vechain Thor, will my current holdings on Binance swap over automatically?

>only 200 VEN
how do I make it? poorfag neet here

this coin is going nowhere until rebrand you goofballs

it is being forced to match btc rebound until then


get more
suck dick if you have to, or sling crack

Honest question - should I dump my icx for VEN?

Agreed. I think we'll see the same slow and steady growth (if BTC/ETH recovery continues) until rebrand. Then they unveil the biggest news they have and let the price run enough where real FOMO sets in for people who thought they could chase shitcoins and accumulate later


normie spotted

why you no want to be rich, being rich is the best kind of rich

The bizway, right?

do you guys think it will dip under 6$? I want to buy it so much


>didn't buy eth at 6 dollars because he waited for it to dip back down to 5.5

good plan

5.86 right now

>already 80% into ven
>want to go 100%
>know it wont moon until fucking late feb at the earliest
>have to keep fucking around with my moon mission stack until then

Can biz do me a solid and get this puppy back down to 41-43k sats. I’d love your forever lol

This is guan gong, god of war.

guan dong

According to this it ain't

it is the god of war, general giant dong

Yes sir

Wow u can predict the future? Thanks bought 10k